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Something Borrowed Audience Movie Reviews

Buzz Battle: Readers Take Sides on Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed is shaping up to be the year's most divisive romantic comedy — and I'm not talking Team Darcy vs. Team Rachel. After posting our movie review, video review, and poll on whether you want to see the sequel Something Blue, many of you expressed a love for the movie, while a crop of others disliked it. Read on to see the arguments of those who adored the movie, along with those from folks who couldn't get behind the film.

  • User jannam: "I recommend it!! I saw it already and I LOVED it. I don't understand why it's getting such bad reviews. I thought it was hilarious (mostly due to Krasinski, who is adorable in this movie). Anyone that read the book and liked it, will like this movie!"
  • User lilkimbo's counterpoint: "I thought the book was OK, so I went into the movie with an open mind. Anyway, I was disappointed. Goodwin and Egglesfield didn't have much chemistry, Rachel came off as unlikable and boring, the clothing was even comically bad. (And yes, multiple people I was with made comments about this.) In the book I was conflicted, but in the movie I really had trouble rooting for Rachel. I actually found myself liking Darcy more. Friends who hadn't read the book were annoyed that it was obvious we were supposed to be rooting for Rachel, but they liked Darcy better. Sure, Darcy is self-centered, but the movie almost made it seem like confidence and assertiveness are reprehensible qualities."

To see some more opinions, just


  • User liz313: "I saw an advance screening thanks to PopSugar! And I loved it. I just read the book a few weeks ago. It followed it pretty perfectly. Its the definition of a chick flick so definitely not anything too thought provoking . . . it's going to be easy and breezy. Go with your girlfriends and you will have a good laugh while enjoying the eye candy."
  • Anonymous user's counterpoint: "My review: I thought it was a load of crap. I've read the book and I didn't find it appealing either. I practically had to force myself to read Something Blue because I was told it was better, and it was. It's just sad that Darcy who is supposed to be the villainous best friend (oxymoron?), ends up being more likable."
  • User dreamalittledream: "I didn't read the books, and went to the movie mainly because my friends wanted to see it . . . and I loooved it!!! Mainly because it shakes up the typical rom-com formula. I was rooting for one ending, my friend was rooting for another . . . and neither really happened! It deals with more than just a guy falling for a girl. There are a ton of complicated relationships in the movie and I think they did a pretty good job of balancing them all. I really hope they make a sequel, I'd definitely see it!!!"
  • User roseate's counterpoint: "I saw this movie last night with a group of friends, and while we enjoyed it, we all found it hard to get behind a romance involving so much betrayal. I guess we wouldn't have liked the book either."

What's your take on Something Borrowed? And who do you think wins this battle?

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cpacarol cpacarol 6 years
I loved the books Something Borrrowed & Something Blue. The movie was absolutely wonderful. In fact, I've seen in twice and really hope that Something Blue will be made!!!
care0531 care0531 6 years
I don't know of one movie that was made from a book where the movie was better than the book and 100% true to the book....they always chop it up change some things etc. Look at the Twilight movies....those aren't great and it misses a lot of detail but its great to see the characters that we grow attached to while reading the books play the scenes out on film....good or bad you want to see it. Right? Something Borrowed was a good movie but not better than the book....because simply...they never are :)
elle619 elle619 6 years
Liked the booked, disliked the movie. I don't know how they did it but they managed to make Ginnifer Goodwin unlikable. I have always preferred spoiled Darcy to whiny Rachel but seeing it on screen made it so much worse. I spoke to a friend who hadn't read the books and she thought Rachel and Dex were awful because the movie does such a poor job of developing it as anything more then just a girl sleeping with her best friends fiance. I think most readers that liked the movie were fans of the book.
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