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Something Borrowed and Thor Audience Movie Reviews

Film Forum: Tell Us What Movies You Saw This Weekend!

Did you make it to the movies this weekend? Thor and Something Borrowed were both new in theaters, with a little something for everybody. Or perhaps you bought a ticket for a movie that wasn't new, but you wanted to check out, like Fast Five or Water For Elephants.

If you did end up going to the movies, I'd love to hear about it. Did you think Something Borrowed was even better than the book? Expected more from Thor? It's your turn to play critic — let me know what you thought of the film you saw in the comments below.

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dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
I didn't read Something Borrowed and I loved it!!! They developed the characters enough for me to really care about what happened to them-funny, though I was rooting for one ending and my friend was totally rooting for another ending! I like that we didn't know what was going to happen throughout it, opposed to other rom-com's where you know exactly what will transpire.
jannam jannam 6 years
I read the book and saw the movie. I loved both! They changes some things from the book... (like Ethan living in NY during the movie), but I thought it added to the movie.
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 6 years
I wasn't expecting much from Thor but all the critical raves got me into the theater. I'm so glad it did: I thought it was wholly entertaining, funny, and the perfect kickoff to Summer blockbuster season! Captain America and Green Lantern have their work cut out for them.
bethany0403 bethany0403 6 years
I saw Something Borrowed and really enjoyed it. I went into it not expecting much since it was pretty much reviled by critics, but thought it was great. Yes, it was totally fluffy and formulaic chick flick stuff, but I cannot believe it got a fresh rating similar to Sex and the City 2, which I walked out of. John Kraskinski was terrific and has impeccable comedic timing, Ginnifer Goodwin is adorable and Collin is so nice to look at. They basically followed the book and I highly recommend it to those who enjoyed the book and are looking for lighter fare.
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