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The Song From the New iPod Nano Commercial: Chairlift, "Bruises"

Song of the Day: Who's Singing That iPod Nano Commercial?

If you haven't seen the commercial for the new iPod Nano yet, you probably will soon (and probably over and over again, at that). And you might find yourself wondering, like I always seem to do these days with Apple ads, "Wow, who is singing that cute and catchy song?" Once upon a time, the Nano made Feist a star, and it feels like just yesterday I was downloading Yael Naim after seeing the MacBook Air ads airing between my favorite shows.

So who's the lucky band who will soon be getting lots of attention? Why, it's the Brooklyn-based trio Chairlift, whose song "Bruises" is upbeat and bubbly in the avant-pop tradition and overflows with adorable lyrics ("I tried to do headstands for you" — or is it "I tried to do handstands for you"? Either way, cute!). The song is on Chairlift's 2008 debut album, Does You Inspire You, and the trio will be opening for Yeasayer soon (see dates here).

You can listen to the full version of the song here and check out a live performance of the same tune if you


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