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Spielberg's Next Project: Scholastic's 39 Clues

Spielberg's Next Project: Scholastic's 39 Clues

After the crazy success of the fourth Indiana Jones movie, what's one of Hollywood's biggest directors to do? Why, turn a "multi-media adventure" into a huge film franchise, of course.

DreamWorks has acquired the rights to Scholastic's "multiplatform adventure series" titled The 39 Clues. The whole thing will include books, movies and opportunities for kids to become little sleuths. Variety explains:

The 39 Clues, which launches Sept. 9, is envisioned as a 10-book series to be released over two years. It's described as a multimedia adventure that will include a set of collectible cards and an online game that will serve as a portal as young readers try to solve a mystery for a grand prize of $10,000.

The focus of The 39 Clues is the most powerful family in the world, the Cahills, who count Napoleon and Houdini among their relatives. Readers will be challenged to discover the source of the family's powers, revealed through 39 clubs that are hidden around the world and scattered throughout history.

DreamWorks co-chair/CEO Stacey Snider claims "There is enough material here for three or four movies," (which Spielberg would probably direct) and that she's excited about the project not just as a film professional, but as a mother. Spielberg noted that The 39 Clues takes "creative leaps to expand the story experience from the pages of the books to multiple stages of discovery and imagination." From a man who possesses a phenomenal imagination himself, his interest in the project is high praise. I'm curious to see how this whole thing turns out.

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