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Not into Sports? TBS Has Rom-Coms for Super Bowl Sunday

The New York Giants and New England Patriots will face off this Sunday in the Super Bowl in Arizona. But if that's not your thing — and you can wrestle the remote away from the sports fan in your life — TBS is planning a lineup of Movies Women Want between 9:30 a.m. and 10 p.m.

So here's the fun debate: Are these really the movies "women want," on Super Bowl Sunday or any other day — especially given that most of you said you'd be watching the game in the first place? To see the lineup and get my take, just


Here's the lineup:

It's not my personal favorite slate of romantic comedies (OK, except for Save the Last Dance — yeah, I said it), and I've been annoyed by the ad campaign that makes reference to "not breaking a nail" and other things most of us haven't worried about for a few decades. Plus, most of these movies are on TBS a lot as it is — couldn't they at least get the rights to something new?

At the same time, I don't think it's a bad idea to counterprogram the most stereotypically guy-focused TV day of the year with something equally stereotypically girly. Maybe I'll just plan my own empowered-gal movie marathon instead. What's your take on this?

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starbright14 starbright14 9 years
I'll be tuning in for What Women Want and Bridget Jones!
shafiii shafiii 9 years
so theyre not my favorite movies or anything but i am really into this, i mean i dont plan on watching the Super Bowl so i was wondering what i would be doing. lol
Taadie Taadie 9 years
I like The Wedding Planner but thats the only movie I like out of all of those. Some of these movies are equally cheesy but I think my superbowl lineup will be Dirty Dancing, Must Love Dogs, Bend It Like Beckham, season 3 of The Office and Season 7 of Gilmore Girls. If I had Golden Girls it would be on like popcorn.
msshellokitty msshellokitty 9 years
I love Save The Last Dance.I might have to watch it.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
This movie line up won't tear me away from the game.
jadenirvana jadenirvana 9 years
Plan the empowered gal marathon! Please!
millarci millarci 9 years
If TBS is going to show so-called chick flicks, then at least pick good ones! yeesh!
brittanybe brittanybe 9 years
I agree! I'm watching the game, but I do love STLD. I think an empowered-gal movie marathon sounds like the perfect solution for anyone who doesn't like football. Some Iron Jawed Angels, some Norma Rae, perhaps?
TASTEthiss TASTEthiss 9 years
im definitely watching the game... but i love save the last dance.
mlmoreno47 mlmoreno47 9 years
I'm watching football but if you aren't, go to the movies and see Juno!
Princesskitty22 Princesskitty22 9 years
I kinda feel sorry for guys who don't like football. They don't get many options on game day. It's either football or chick flicks. lol
ladypenguin ladypenguin 9 years
I love romantic comedies, but the idea that sports are a guy thing makes me puke.
katie_c katie_c 9 years
i love save the last dance too. :-)
katie_c katie_c 9 years
nothing could tear me away from the super bowl.
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