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Steve Carell Confirms That He's Leaving the Office

5 Reasons the Office May Be Better Without Michael Scott

After months of speculation, it's finally been confirmed that Steve Carell will, in fact, be leaving The Office next season — which means that Michael Scott's Dunder-Mifflin days are numbered. Now before you all let out a collective groan, let's try to look on the bright side here. In some ways Michael is the heart and soul of The Office, but that doesn't mean he's single-handedly keeping the show afloat. In fact, I think that after seven seasons a major shake-up may be exactly what the sitcom needs to stay alive. Here are five reasons why The Office may be better without Michael Scott.

  1. Less Michael means more of everyone else. It's going to be hard to fill up all that screen time without Steve Carell, but one of the greatest facets of the show is that it has so many major supporting players. I'd love to see characters like Kelly, Creed, and Kevin get some more opportunities to bring the funny.
  2. Michael may finally get a happy ending. Sure, we love getting a laugh out of the many cringe-inducing moments that make up the life of Michael Scott, but sometimes it's just too depressing. His trouble with the ladies specifically is getting old, and I felt for the guy when he reflected on his bad year in the season finale. Who wouldn't love seeing Michael drive off into the sunset with Holly?
  3. To see the rest of my reasons, just read more.

  4. Another employee can finally get a promotion. I know Pam moved up the ranks and Jim got that mini-promotion for a while, but after all these years it's about time one of the Dunder-Mifflin salespeople got to climb the corporate ladder. Plus, watching Dwight make a campaign for the job could be amazing episode fodder.
  5. Michael Scott will get to go out on top. Let's face it: Michael's plot lines are starting to wear thin. I still love the guy, but episodes like "Scott's Tot's" were more frustrating than funny. With only one season left, the writers can pull out all the stops with both Scott and Carell — and let him leave in a blaze of glory instead of going up in flames.
  6. The show will get a much-needed jump-start. Don't get me wrong: I love Jim, Pam, and the whole gang, but The Office doesn't exactly pack the same punch as it did in the first few seasons. The jokes and characters have grown dangerously close to the stale category, so a big change may be exactly what it needs to keep hanging on.
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