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Comedian Steve Harvey wrote a book titled Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, and now Screen Gems wants to make it into a feature film, not unlike another advice book-turned-movie from this year, He's Just Not That Into You. Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper said, "Steve has always provided an easily relatable perspective on men, the way they view women and their seemingly complex but surprisingly simple emotional needs." Also like HJNTIY, this movie will be "an ensemble comedy about romantic relationships."

Harvey wrote the "humorous" book as an advice manual for women to better understand men. According to the first couple pages of Harvey's book, women apparently let men "get away with" things because of this tragic lack of understanding: "(a) too many women are clueless about men, (b) men get away with a whole lot of stuff in relationships because women have never understood how men think, and (c) I’ve got some valuable information to change all of that."

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scorpion-Tee scorpion-Tee 8 years
Ive read the book and it was really good. Very funny. and i know a couple of my guy friends who ive let read said that he was pretty dead on with everything he was saying, which is funny to me also.
soulight soulight 8 years
Yeah I heard good things about the book, in fact a co worker read an excerpt and it was hilarious.
mediaddict000 mediaddict000 8 years
Hey, don't take Buzz's take on the book. It's a great book, and will probably make a great movie! What's up with the negative post, Buzz?
J-Rabbit J-Rabbit 8 years
I have to admit, I read the book and it has been really helpful in understanding my boyfriend's behavior. Yeah, Buzz seems annoyed by the tone of the book. Yes, it somewhat generalizes men and women, but I don't see how you can get around that when you're writing a book about how men and women behave differently. I didn't take it personally.
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
haha, a coworker of mine actually read this and the parts I read were hilarious and completely spot-on...
niqua230 niqua230 8 years
I heard some really good things about this book! I'll have to check it out next time I'm at the library! Buzz you sound a like you don't like the book? If so is there a reason why?
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