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"Studio 60": Maybe Not Dead Yet

"Studio 60": Maybe Not Dead Yet

"Studio 60" fans, here's some potentially good news: According to Hollywood Reporter columnist Ray Richmond, the show is still in production, and the cast and crew are currently working on episode 20.

NBC still hasn't said when (or whether) it plans to air these additional episodes, but it's a good sign that fans might get to finish out the full season. Only 16 episodes have aired so far, and I can't imagine NBC spending the money to produce more if they weren't eventually going to make it to TV.

But when? Richmond speculates that the show won't be back this spring and could instead air its final episodes sometime over the summer. I could also see NBC getting frustrated with lackluster ratings for "The Black Donnellys" and putting "Studio 60" back in its original spot. It will be interesting to see what happens April 23, when "Heroes" is back and the stakes go up for the show that follows it.

Remember, if you feel strongly about "Studio 60," you can always give it your votes in E!'s Save One Show campaign.


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mjoy mjoy 10 years
Love love love this show!! C'mon NBC do not get rid of one of the only good shows you have left!
lindaloo lindaloo 10 years
Please bring Studio 60 back! They really didn't give it much of a chance first time around.
In_my_own_way In_my_own_way 10 years
Oh please bring back Studio 60!! I love that show! (and, um, Bradley Whitford . . .)
ccsugar ccsugar 10 years
I kinda like TBD, I hope they don't cancel it! I've never see Studio 60, but I have a feeling I'm not missing much...
t3kgirl t3kgirl 10 years
According to Kristin Veitch at E!, Aaron Sorkin has a clause in his contract for this season that makes it just as expensive to cancel the show as it is to shoot the remaining episodes, so the fact that it is still filming doesn't necessarily mean that there is hope for a second season.
Pinkrabbit Pinkrabbit 10 years
I would watch The Black Donnelly's but it is on at the same exact time as The Riches on FX. If you haven't watched that you should!!! I love Studio 60 though. So good!
SU3 SU3 10 years
How many episodes did Studio 60 put out already? It couldn't be that many! I say give it a chance and keep Studio 60 and OUT with The Black Donnelly's.
Phil Phil 10 years
Yes! Finally bring Studio 60... back! I haven't even watched The Black Donnelly's this season (I'd rather give my support to what was likely to be the last season for What About Brian). The ratings are terrible for TBD and they're STILL declining in both overall and the 18-49 demo. What's worse for the show is that its ratings drop considerably in its second half hour. Studio 60, I think, was averaging out in the high 7 mill. in overall viewers. Forget higher production costs.
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