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Were This Summer's Blockbusters Worth Your Money?

Soon the days will be getting shorter and the Fall movies will hit theaters, but I wanted to reflect on this Summer's movie season one last time. Even though at times it felt like there was one major blockbuster after another out each weekend and records were smashed, it turns out the box office totals were just below last year's — and it could have been lower if not for the major success of The Dark Knight.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "The Dark Knight phenomenon well compensated for one fewer $300 million-plus domestic performance compared with last Summer, when four films surpassed that milestone." In other words, Batman didn't just save Gotham City, he saved Hollywood! Kind of kidding . . . but not really.

Do you feel like Hollywood earned your money this Summer when compared to past blockbuster seasons? When it comes to your own wallet, was 2008 one for the books?


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