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Summit Entertainment Wants Christ Weitz to Direct Breaking Dawn, Split Book Into Two Films 2009-12-01 11:30:22

Do You Think Chris Weitz Should Direct Breaking Dawn?

Things have moved pretty quickly for the Twilight saga; New Moon is in theaters and Eclipse has already finished filming, so all eyes are on the final, challenging book Breaking Dawn.

Though there's no director hired for the last chapter yet, the latest news is that Summit wants Chris Weitz to direct, and they may split Breaking Dawn into two movies, like the treatment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is attached to write Breaking Dawn (hopefully she sees this letter).

If Weitz takes on the last film, he'd be the only director to helm more than one Twilight movie, and though I thought that he handled the special effects in New Moon very well, he's expressed trepidation at the idea. I'm not opposed to a different director taking on Breaking Dawn, personally — I'm anxious to see the job David Slade does on the more physical Eclipse; he might impress more than Weitz. And of course, a completely different, fourth director is intriguing as well. What do you think?

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Jen4 Jen4 7 years
Chris did a great job on New Moon So Yes :)
sungemini sungemini 7 years
it was an awesome.. i liked all the graphics they were great... and i know that if he does get to be the director of breaking dawn he will do an awesome job...i hope he gets the job...
troyalg troyalg 7 years
New Moon=Awesome, that's all I need to say.
csherri2007 csherri2007 7 years
I want to see Breaking Dawn but if they need time to get it right. I don't mind waiting. Get an excellent script, an even greater director so it'll will top the first three.
reesiecup reesiecup 7 years
i like consistency, but i'm curious to see how eclipse pans out
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Another thing - Yeah, alice's vision was horribly cheesy, but it was the only part in the film i cringed at. Twilight? i was constantly cringing and i cant even watch it more then twice, it was just too much.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I think it should be two movies simply becuase of the content. It's my absolute favorite book. I don't want it hacked down like twilight was. Twilight was such a platonic mess, all of the important emotional scenes were ditched so he could call her a spider monkey and jump in trees.. omg. so irritating. I totally agree with fly, the end of the first should be her as a vampire. Its has enough content and a cliff hanger conclusion for it to be good, and a whole movie really needs to be dedicated to her life as a vampire, with the learning, the baby, the volturi, the preperation for all outcomes and the gathering.. yeah, definitely 2. I just hope they are somewhat okay. There is a lot of emotional content in Breaking Dawn that helps outweigh all of the action and somewhat disturbing experiences. I'm looking forward to seeing Eclipse and don't have an opinion on directors until then.
flyowsley flyowsley 7 years
Oh and Alices' vision in NM was really laughable. So silly.
flyowsley flyowsley 7 years
We need to see Slade's Eclipse first to decide. I liked Twilight, but I definitely agree with Cashbunny about what Katherine did with Edward. I was reading Twilight yesterday for the fourth time and I really love the meadow scene and they just basically skipped over that in the movie. Edward changes in that scene and becomes playful and almost carefree and the movie does not portray that. As far as BD is concerned, I think two movies would be awesome. The more the better. The ending of the first should be Bella waking up, eyes glowing red, as a vampire. Then we can have a whole movie with Bella as vampire. Also, for that anon post that claims Edward has to chew at Bella's stomach to get Renesme out--you are so wrong, sorry.
gd101 gd101 7 years
of sorry i spelled David Spade instead of David Slade.
gd101 gd101 7 years
I loved New Moon better than twilight! So i answered yes. I don't know how i feel about BD as split into two movies. There's a lot to cover but i have mixed feelings on it. Also, I we don't know how Eclipse is going to turn out! We should give David Spade a chance to wow us. Honestly, i really don't care what they decide to do just as long as BD gets made into a movie and they get a great director!!!!!! xoxo, - J
SuburbanSparkle SuburbanSparkle 7 years
I voted no, because he obviously is exhausted and worn out from the press tour. Let him take care of his family. Stephenie Meyer expressed interest in different directors for each book's interpretation. I'm curious to see how David Slade does, but I'm wondering if this book needs a woman at the helm. We shouldn't have to choose between awesome effects and great emotion and romance.
Whitfield517 Whitfield517 7 years
I love the job that Chris did on New Moon and if they did make Breaking Dawn (I don't think they should) I would prefer him to Hardwick. Hardwick's vision in Twilight was all wrong and made the movie hard to watch. I think that the wedding should go into Eclipse and that should be it. The Breaking Dawn story is way to crazy to be able to make into a movie worth watching. They would have to change the story in so many ways that it would no longer really be Breaking Dawn. I can't wait to see Eclipse as it was my favorite book of the line. I have high hopes for it!
krispin krispin 7 years
Some of the scenes really were laughable - especially Alice's vision of Edward and Bella together... I really don't want Chris Weitz to direct Breaking Dawn. It's not gonna come out right. And please, whoever does it: Don't make two bad movies instead of one good one! :)
la-senora-dulce la-senora-dulce 7 years
Rob was stiff and stoic in NM. Hardwicke captured Bella and Edward's fragile relationship better. Male directors are more about the action and cinematography. I don't understand the "Breaking Dawn" bashing. It's my favorite, probably because it's more of an adult relationship, their romance culminates, and though I'm disturbed about the Jacob/Renesmee relationship, it brings closure. I really hope "Midnight Sun" is finished and released.
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