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American Idol Rundown: The Final Two Revealed

American Idol said goodbye to one of the final three on Wednesday which gives us our 2008 top two finalists. Of the three above, many could have predicted two of them would make it this far (ahem! Davids) and one has shocked many by fighting her way to the top. So was there an Idol upset? Or do the top two look the way many of us expected? To see some of my thoughts and discuss, just


And Idol rolls along as expected with Syesha singing her final song of the competition. She was gracious and thankful for the experience. I can only imagine how proud she must feel to get this far — and she should be. No one really expected it and the girl pulled out some fight in the end to stay alive (though it was a little hammy sometimes).

"The math is very simple, but the reality is hard to swallow." This is how Ryan kicked off the "drama," aka the elimination business of the night. And from that eloquent introduction we traveled with the top three Idols to their respective hometowns. David Archuleta was full of "gosh!"s and all three shed some tears.

Here are some more of my thoughts:

  • Why do the producers of Idol insist on boring us with soft-rock hits? That opening group performance could not have been a more anti-climactic start to the final elimination show of the season.
  • David Archuleta's head in the pool of his Ford commercial dream sequence made me spit out my drink in laughter.
  • I loved that Fantasia busted onto the stage with a crazy amount of energy and some pretty funky moves. Her back-up dancers were fun too. Despite how you may feel about the song (and overall performance), there is no denying the girl's got charisma. Did anyone happen to catch the shot of Simon's face near the end? Priceless.
  • Those little girls screaming themselves blue in the face back in Utah gave us all a little glimpse into what's been fueling little David along in this competition. Well, that and talent. But the girls, they love this guy.
  • How cute were the brothers Cook on stage? That was nice of Ryan to bring David's brother up there. Also, upon viewing Cook's "Idol Journey" segment I've decided he definitely wins most improved in the image department. What do you think?

So Simon got his wish for a "humdinger" of a finale with a David vs. David match-up. Syesha was sad, of course, but she took it like a champ and probably knew it was practically inevitable. So what did you think? Excited for next week?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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