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TCA News Roundup: NBC Shuffles Shows, Adds Trump

  • In addition to all-fantasy Mondays, NBC announced a few more changes to its schedule during Monday's TCA presentation. On Tuesday nights, "The Singing Bee" will lead in to a 90-minute edition of "The Biggest Loser." "Friday Night Lights" will shift to 9 p.m. on Fridays instead of 10 p.m., with "Deal or No Deal" as a lead-in and "Las Vegas" following it at 10.
  • It's official: "The Apprentice" is back with a special celebrity edition. The idea is for celebrities who have a business focus to duke it out, and apparently Donald Trump is encouraging Rosie O'Donnell to sign up. The involved celebrities will be raising money for charity, so at least there's something redeeming about this project.
  • Jerry Seinfeld will star as himself in the season premiere of "30 Rock," going toe-to-toe with Alec Baldwin's character, the bullish Jack Donaghy. Seinfeld's quip in NBC's statement: "I think it's going to be so refreshing for me to be playing myself in a show that has nothing to do with neurotic, dysfunctional New York characters." Tina Fey, meanwhile, said she was happy to have Seinfeld drop by so the rest of America would learn that "30 Rock" exists.
  • NBC entertainment co-chairman Ben Silverman believes the network has "the next great reality format" in "Phenomenon," which will feature Uri Geller and Criss Angel searching for the next great mentalist. Geller and Angel will judge contestants' abilities in weekly challenges, with viewers at home voting for the ultimate winner.
  • Norman Lear, the mind behind "All in the Family" and other classic sitcoms, will be returning to TV, working as a producer on a one-hour comedy focused on a single mother battling sexism on Wall Street.
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sweet_T23 sweet_T23 10 years
I can't believe they slotted FNL for Friday nights--not that smart! For those who didn't watch the first season (and they should have watched the first season), it still might pull in the people who actually play and attend Friday night high school football, even though the show is about so much more than that. But if it still needs a larger audience, I think NBC is shooting itself in the foot by eliminating that group from the show's audience with this slot in the lineup.
janemast janemast 10 years
I sort of liked silverman, but I don't think he's made the smartest choices. Putting the Office against grey's was pretty bad, but hiring Isaiah Washington was worse. I am excited about Phenomenon though.
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 10 years
Oh Lawd! Trum just doesn't quit with Rosie. Time to move on I think... :oy:
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 10 years
Will Trump go away?! The first 2 seasons were okay however it's gone down-hill since; now it's so far gone they decide to have celebs on there. Ugh he just won't go away. On another note, I like Criss Angel so I'm interested in his show.
sweetheart_450 sweetheart_450 10 years
Ugh, they need to drop Trump once and for all!
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Still worried about the Friday Night Lights placement; moving it up ensures that those who are watching local football live won't be home to watch this truly outstanding show. Silverman seems to be overly optimistic about "Phenomenon;" guess it just doesn't appeal to me. Are the networks overly investing in these reality shows because of an impending writer's strike--or because they are cheaper to produce--or botn?
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