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TCA Tidbits: Nurse Jackie, Call Girls, Henry VIII, and More

It's NBC's turn to present at the TCA press tour today, but before they take the stage, I wanted to pass along some of the remaining goodies from the CBS and Showtime presentations. I've got lots of good stuff — including an interview with United States of Tara and Rachel Getting Married star Rosemarie DeWitt —that I'll share in the coming days, but for now, some highlights from Wednesday's panels:

  • Showtime's Nurse Jackie, which stars Edie Falco, is about a woman who's the absolute best nurse imaginable but also has serious human flaws — namely a severe addiction to pharmaceuticals (and an affair with her pharmacist). The show will premiere later this year and be paired with Weeds. Two of the show's executive producers are recovering addicts, so that part of things should feel very real — but that doesn't make it somber. "We love addictions," cracked executive producer Linda Wallem. "We think they're hilarious and great."
  • The lovely Joss Stone came by to discuss her role as Anne of Cleves on The Tudors. It's her first real acting job and not an easy one to jump into, but she said that was OK: "I prefer to do that. I like to go headfirst into whatever it is." She said she also appreciated knowing that — unless the producers were seriously changing history — she wouldn't be leaving the show with her head cut off.
  • Speaking of which, if you're waiting for the part of the show where Jonathan Rhys Meyers gets ugly and fat to play King Henry, well, don't hold your breath.

To hear some funny revelations from the Secret Diary of a Call Girl panel,


  • Where else at TCA besides the Secret Diary of a Call Girl panel would you hear someone say something like, "We had a dominatrix on set . . . we really needed her around"? Their session — with the lovely Billie Piper, who gave birth less than 12 weeks ago and was absolutely radiant — contained all kinds of fascinating revelations, including how producer Rebecca de Souza met the actual call girls who advise her on the show (she found them on the Internet, naturally).
  • Also interesting: People in London tended to be more prudish and taken aback by the show's sexual content, Piper said, while US audiences seemed more open-minded.
  • CBS has a 13-episode murder mystery show called Harper's Island premiering this Spring, and while story will end definitively after the 13 weeks with only one character left standing, the producers said they could imagine other shows following the same format airing on CBS in the future — which led to lots of jokes about "Harper's Spaceship" and, once the shows have killed off enough characters, "Harper's Zombies."
  • Moonlight fans, take note: CBS wants to do a deal with Alex O'Loughlin and is developing a show for him.
  • This American Life still has a place at Showtime and the executives are talking to Ira Glass about upcoming stories.

On to NBC — where we'll get some details about the still-untitled Amy Poehler show! Check back this afternoon for updates.

Photos courtesy of Showtime

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