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TV Couples With the Most Sexual Tension in 2011

Which TV Couple Has the Hottest Sexual Tension of 2011?

There are plenty of sweet couples on TV, but often times, the most interesting relationships to watch are the ones that aren't even relationships yet. The couples below have all shared flirty glances, pointed exchanges, and a few of them may have even locked lips, but none of them are happily coupled — yet. Which of them has the hottest sexual tension of the year?

Photo courtesy of HBO, Fox, The CW, and NBC

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PopPopEveryone PopPopEveryone 5 years
Um. Voting ended in this category already. Jeff/Annie won.,0,0#2 If Damon/Elena fans want to keep voting, that's cool, but the contest is over.
AllegraDante AllegraDante 5 years
Jeff/Annie all the way! Jeff/Britta were too forced in the beginning and they have more of a sibling vibe, which is cute. They're complete douches when they are paired romantically. Joel and Alison have amazing chemistry and the best part is that is was completely organic. Thank goodness Dan and co. realized the potential there instead of continuing to force J/B.
BonnieNDamon BonnieNDamon 5 years
Damon & Elena aren't even a couple so why aren't Damon & Bonnie on this poll? They have tons of sexual tension! Team Bamon!
lawgirl2001 lawgirl2001 5 years
LOVE George and Zoe! Their chemistry is so amazing and natural. Can't wait to see the rest of their journey.
ShelleyHFan ShelleyHFan 5 years
I love Dan and Blair too!
1349308 1349308 5 years
Sookie and Alcide, Blair and Dan, and Jess and Nick do and that'd be kind of interesting to see what would happen. Even though I prefer sookie with eric. Jeff and Annie and Adam and Cassie do too but it doesn't look interesting. I see more between Jeff & Britta than between these two. And Cassie is fine on her own, I don't really ship her with anyone. Damon and Elena is by far my favourite couple.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 5 years
I adore Dan and Blair. I was hoping they'd be a couple a couple seasons ago, actually because they have such funny moments together. Now I hope they get together because they're so sweet together.
Mrsdexterhaven Mrsdexterhaven 5 years
Damon and Elena!!!
ems23 ems23 5 years
toneofsurprise toneofsurprise 5 years
Where's Chuck and Blair? As there is no CB I guess I'll be voting for Barney and Robin...
Delena-4Ever Delena-4Ever 5 years
Damon and Elena YES! Dan and Blair. Is that a joke? lol! They are called BLAND for a reason. Penn and Leighton also look like siblings
Delena-4Ever Delena-4Ever 5 years
Damon and Elena? Hell yeah? Dan and Blair? Lol Never. They look like siblings and have zero sexual tension. LOL
Rosie911 Rosie911 5 years
Damon and Elena!!!
1326863 1326863 5 years
daniel and emily :) ... i thought DELENA was expired.. time to REVENGE...
elramos elramos 5 years
Sookie & Alcide had sexual tension? Are we watching the same show?
fresh1721 fresh1721 5 years
YES drolieden!! I came to say the same thing. Team Wade all day.
drolieden drolieden 5 years
zoe and george? more like zoe & wade!
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