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TV Episode Comment Roundup

Community Blabber: The TV Episodes That Got You Talking

The best part about being a TV junkie is that once you've watched the episodes, you can come over to Buzz and discuss them too! You guys always have a lot of great comments, so I gathered up my favorites of the week, and here they are.

    30 Rock's live episode verdict: a success!

  • "I liked the feel of the episode and watching the cast work without a safety net. I thought Jon Hamm was the best thing about the show, though Matt Damon was a close second. I think it would add something special if a consistently good show like 30 Rock was live more often." — stephley
  • "I loved it! Taping live really shows you how good the actors are (or aren't). I love Julia. She nailed Liz Lemon in the flashbacks!" — Carri
  • "I loved it! The alternative Liz Lemon was great! Also, I really appreciated them doing a live show for us west coast peeps. Bravo!" — bingbingboom

To read some more of my favorite comments, just


    Mad Men: You guys miss Betty

  • "I miss Betty. I feel like this season only got momentum about three episodes ago. Betty is pining for Don and I'm thinking there is going to be a reunion, though probably not a good one." — Brendelwoman
  • "Did anyone else think Betty acted like Glenn was an ex-boyfriend and not simply a boy she didn't want her daughter hanging out with? It just brought back shades of high school where all the girls would tell our friends, "Don't talk to him, he hurt me!" The other telling "Betty Moment" was when Dr. Edna offered a psychiatrist and Betty said, "I can't just see you?" When Dr. Edna said, "Well, yeah, but I'm a child psychiatrist," Betty just nodded. Betty doesn't want to be treated like a rational adult. She wants to be sympathized with a cooed over, like a child." — Studio16
  • "I know everyone hates Betty, but I find her storyline to be very interesting, and I do think that January Jones is perfect in the part. Midge was so sad! I think Don was out of line, but I also think that what he did will ultimately pay off. Do you think Cooper is really gone?? Will Sal come back if the chauvinist art director is laid off? Please?" — onlysourcherry
    90210: The story so far

  • "Here's my thoughts on the Mr. Cannon set up: I don't think he knew that Naomi was involved. What I think he was doing was ensuring that there could be another situation in which it would appear that Silver would seem to be crying wolf the first time. This would let him get away with it in the future because no one would believe the bipolar girl who got caught inviting her teacher to a hotel room. That and the look of surprise when Silver said "You think you've won, but we're going to get you back" made me think that he was just realizing that Naomi had something to do with the plan." — Anonymous
  • "You know, I really liked Silver and Dixon too! Maybe now that Teddy is batting for another team and Ivy might be on the outs, they'll get back together." — postmodernsleaze
  • "The only interesting thing right now is Teddy's story, the other after so much build up had a pretty predictable end. The Mr Cannon thing was a surprise by the way he played, but it was kinda obvious that he wouldn't go down easy, what else what would Naomi and Silver have to do for the next few episodes?" — tonga

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