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TV Quote Quiz 2009-05-15 16:30:00

Friday TV Quiz: Who Said That Line?

Were you paying attention to your TV this week? Well, try your hand at today's Who Said That Line? TV quote quiz. Each week I pull some of the most memorable lines from my favorite TV shows, and it's up to you to figure out who said it. Ready to test your knowledge (or guessing power)? Good luck!

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"Watch where you're going, spaz! You almost got udon all over my Gucci!"

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"Wow, it's like a sweaty piñata."

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"Across the board, you are adequate."

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"You walk away from me again, I swear, I will grab you by the hair and I will pull hard."

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"I love euphemisms. And by euphemism, I mean when you say something and mean something else."

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"I always fantasized about being part of the Funky Bunch."

Join The Conversation
debbswan debbswan 8 years
I think this is hilarious.
Midnight-Harlow Midnight-Harlow 8 years
0/6 I got nothing right :-(
NikkiBaby89 NikkiBaby89 8 years
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
thanks, guys! consensus wins :) I'll change the description.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
Definitely was Bailey, right before Bailey told her about Tucker giving her an ultimatum. :)
kaykayelle kaykayelle 8 years
Had it recorded, just checked quickly. It was Bailey she said it to, about a half hour into the second hour.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
I thought she was speaking to Callie as well.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
pinkflake2 — now you have me wondering. in my notes the whole thing is "Calliope. You walk away from me again . . . " but I could have mistyped it.
pinkflake2 pinkflake2 8 years
I might be wrong (and a little type A), but didn't Arizona say that to Bailey not Torres?
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