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9 TV Shows You Definitely Shouldn't Watch on a Plane

May 27 2014 - 8:00am

When it comes to Summer, you know you're going to be doing a lot of traveling, right? While a lot of people pass a flight by reading tons of books [1], there are plenty still who would prefer to binge-watch a TV show they've been meaning to get their eyes on. You might want to use caution, though: not every TV show is meant to be shared with the person sitting next to you, who will undoubtedly be glancing over at your screen. We've picked out nine shows you might want to save for another time.

Source: HBO [2]

Game of Thrones

Why It's Not Plane-Appropriate: There are so many exposed breasts and butts (and graphic sex) on Game of Thrones, we've totally lost count. Plus, in certain sequences like the red wedding [3], there's a ton of violence.

Bates Motel

Why It's Not Plane-Appropriate: So much murder, with a little bit of rape on the side. Not your best bet.

Source: A&E [4]


Why It's Not Plane-Appropriate: This one's about a drinking, womanizing writer. There's plenty of sex.

True Blood

Why It's Not Plane-Appropriate: This show gets you on two fronts. The vampires aren't afraid to engage in some of the most grotesque violence I've ever seen, from heart drinking to literal spine removal. The other front, of course, is the copious amounts of gratuitous nudity.

Case in point.

The Walking Dead

Why It's Not Plane-Appropriate: So much zombie violence. You can't go one episode without seeing a dismembered, beheaded, or brutalized member of the undead.


Why It's Not Plane-Appropriate: The title character, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), frequently suffers from gory, vivid hallucinations. Not really something you want to share with your seat partner.

American Horror Story

Why It's Not Plane-Appropriate: American Horror Story has some pretty explicit and violent scenes, and they're not afraid to show them. Some examples include someone getting her eye melon-balled out, someone else stabbing herself blind, and a severed minotaur head.

Masters of Sex

Why It's Not Plane-Appropriate: It's a show about sex. The word "sex" is right there in the title. And, predictably, there's a lot of sex.


Why It's Not Plane-Appropriate: I kid you not, you will pretty much not be able to go one episode without seeing Lena Dunham's boobs.

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