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TV Sibling Personality Quiz

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A little sibling rivalry never hurt anyone, and that's why we partnered with HGTV (that knows a thing or two about dueling sibs on Brother vs. Brother) to bring you this post.

If you have a brother or sister, you know what having a sibling is all about. From sharing childhood memories to watching all your favorite shows together to being your BFF, having a brother or sister is pretty awesome. And hey — even if you are an only child, you probably have a faithful stand-in. Take our quiz and find out which set of TV siblings you are.

Source: PBS, Fox, NBC, and The CW

Pick a dessert:

Everyone knows you are . . .

A hot mess
A good friend

Pick a shoe:

Go to your happy place:

It's Friday night — where are you?

At home
At dinner with friends
At the movies
With my honey
Out for drinks

You want to cuddle with:

Pick a color:

How often do you talk with your sibling?

Several times a day
Once a day
Every couple of days
On the holidays
Not tons

Pick a book:

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