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TV Tonight: "America's Next Top Model"

TV Tonight: "America's Next Top Model"

In the long history of bitchy models on "America's Next Top Model," is Renee really exceptionally evil? She seems pretty palatable to me, yet the stay-at-home mom from Hawaii is fast becoming the main source of drama on cycle 8.

Apparently, the girls are totally fed up, because on tonight's episode, Tyra stages an intervention of sorts, where the models confront Renee one by one. A group telling off may not be your preferred method of conflict resolution, but it does make for good TV! As if that weren't enough, tonight also finds the models at a party in the Hollywood Hills attended by 50 Cent, and judging from the episode title ("The Girl Who Gets Thrown in the Pool"), I'm guessing someone embarrasses herself. To watch a clip from tonight's Renee-tervention,

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tricee5 tricee5 9 years
i l0ove the fact that we can look like men then look like women and pretty men at that
greysfang greysfang 10 years
After watching the show tonight, I think it was all a lot of fuss over nothing. The Renee "intervention" was pretty silly, but might be helpful in the long run, we'll see...
Lindsb Lindsb 10 years
Sarah, I am with you.. Renee is my fav. Bitchy or not - the girl is beautiful and her pics are good.. so..she definitely deserves to stay in the competition for awhile.
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
Renee & Whitney are my 2 favs!! good luck to them!!
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
I think the editing to that extent is just wrong. Renee seems like enough of a bitty on her own to need editing. Can't wait for tonight's ep!
Underdog Underdog 10 years
I like this show.
esk4 esk4 10 years
if anyone wants to read the diana interview its at{7851C286-6D3D-4F51-BC6E-1AB70EEFC059} but this is baisicly the part I was talking about... I always knew reality shows were edited but I didn't think it was this severe Speaking of critics, let's talk about Renee. How much did you want to smack her when she went around saying, "Do you really think there's ever going to be a plus-size girl on the cover of Vogue?" Diana: In reality, that whole thing between her and Whitney was a fake kind of fight. It wasn't staged per se, but it was more that Renee was mocking some of the other girls. Prior to that, all the girls had been in one room, and there'd been this huge fight about plus-size girls being on covers, and Renee was actually on our side! So when we [saw it on TV]... I don't even know where I was in that scene, because what they showed [of me] was from about a week before when I was mad at Renee about something else, but they decided to throw it in there. The amazing power of editing makes me laugh so hard sometimes! I heard that the editing guy, when he got that footage, was like, "Oh, this is great!" because he didn't know it was a joke and that Renee was mocking what the other girls had been saying.
ReseySugar ReseySugar 10 years
Renee is my least favorite out of all the girls. But I'm pretty sure that esk4 has it right; that editing can change someone so much.
esk4 esk4 10 years has an interview with Diana, and it really sounds like alot of what they show of renee is edited to make her look that way. Like it totally explains that Plus size model comment she made last week...
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