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TV Tonight: "Brothers & Sisters"

TV Tonight: "Brothers & Sisters"

I haven't written much about "Brothers & Sisters," but over the course of its first season, it's become a show I can't wait to watch every Sunday. The show has only gotten stronger over the past few episodes, with the introduction of Emily VanCamp (formerly of "Everwood") as the Walker family's previously unknown half-sibling. Sally Field is delightfully inappropriate as matriarch Nora, and I'm amazed at the show's ability to juggle a number of plot lines (at least one per member of the Walker clan) without getting too overwhelming.

I'm especially intrigued by tonight's episode because of the cliffhanger set up a couple of weeks ago: Rebecca claimed that her half-sister Sarah's husband, Joe, kissed her during a guitar lesson. The kiss wasn't shown on TV, and I'm not sure if Rebecca's story is true; regardless, it's certain to put even more stress on Joe and Sarah's already screwed-up marriage. But "Brothers & Sisters" always throws a lot of lighter moments in among the heavy stuff, and this episode should be no exception: To see a cute scene of Calista Flockhart's character, Kitty, giving her boyfriend/boss a massage,

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Phil Phil 10 years
Yikes is right! I should have seen the signs. She was raised by a crazy (though very capable), calculating mother, she got ridiculously wasted the first night she had ever gone out with one of her new siblings, geez! I really wanted to like her character. And yes, poor Joe! He was incredibly civil about it all, and I'm glad he didn't let it all go too far. What's her name is lucky to have a husband like that.
LuciLu LuciLu 10 years
I caught it last night! Damn that Rebecca! Poor Joe! Anyone care to dish about it??
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
wow, Phil, did you just watch this week's episode? yikes!
Phil Phil 10 years
Oh my God, Emily Van Camp's character is terrible!!!
CM213 CM213 10 years
this is one of my guily pleasures. this show just have me laughing all the time. one minute they're serious, the next they're hysterical. i like kitty and the senator. it reminds me of the meredith/derek early years.
tooq2love tooq2love 10 years
i love this show!
Phil Phil 10 years
I love the show! I only liked it after it premiered. The first episode was a bit sketchy (likely because the pilot was redone), but the next week came around and all of a sudden it showed that it could be an incredible show! I love all the different characters for different reasons, although I can't stand Kitty - there's just something about the character that just makes me want to change the channel when the focus is on her. I agree that since Emily Van Camp was added to the show, it's gotten even better! And, it's great that they're showing much more of David Annable's character. It'll be very interesting when he's in Iraq. I can't even imagine how the show will address that!
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
I agree about Uncle Saul. I always feel like he's scheming secretively... I don't really like how Sarah's character is portrayed. They make her seem like kind of a b i tch.
i-heart-monster i-heart-monster 10 years
I love this show! I didn't hear about it for a while, but it still has all of this season's episodes up on the online player, so I was able to catch up. This is quality tv. I cry, I laugh, I fret... My only hangup is Uncle Saul - I can't trust him - he played the character of Arvin Sloane in the series Alias, and I guess I just can't get past that!
Kaciegrrl Kaciegrrl 10 years
I've been addicted to this show since it premiered, love it! Return the shoes? I can't talk to you when you're hysterical.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Brothers and Sisters became my guilty pleasure very quickly and, I agree, Buzz, it has gotten stronger over the past weeks. Sally Field has never been on my list of favorites, but she is surprisingly good as Nora. Calista Flockhart and Rachel Griffiths keep me coming back each week as well. Good show!
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