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Is this the end for our beloved Dillon Panthers? As much as it hurts my heart to say it, tonight's episode of Friday Night Lights could be the last one we've ever seen. It's the final episode the show finished before the strike got in the way, and even if the strike ends soon, there's no telling whether NBC will put the show back into production.

Frankly, signs haven't been good. First, Ben Silverman utterly blew off questions about the show in an interview with Radar. Then, someone leaked the news that the second season is set to be released on DVD in April with only 15 episodes, not the 22 that were originally ordered. There's also the unavoidable fact that ratings still aren't good (though with an average of 6.1 million viewers per week, the show is roughly on par with last year, even with its awful Friday time slot). And some of the critics who so vocally lobbied for the show's renewal last year have slowly backed away, citing the Landry/Tyra murder plot and other weaknesses of this season.

On the other hand, Entertainment Weekly reported some slightly more encouraging news: Universal might try to find the show a home on another network if NBC doesn't want it, and the show could potentially complete as many as six more episodes after the strike, at least giving this season a proper end. Plus, at least one Save Our Show campaign is already underway courtesy of Best Week Ever, so check out the petition if you want the show back.

For now, here's all we know for sure: In tonight's episode, Tami's old boyfriend will show up (and be played by series creator Peter Berg, hilariously); Riggins will step up his efforts to woo Lyla; and someone will show up pregnant. I plan to savor every moment, just in case it's the last I ever see of Dillon. What about you? To watch a preview for the episode, just


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