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TV Tonight: "Friday Night Lights"

TV Tonight: "Friday Night Lights"

In its first season, "Friday Night Lights" was an absolute gem. It was a show I looked forward to each week, and virtually every episode had a moment so moving and real that I ended up in a teary puddle on my couch. It's funny, touching, and real — and it's about so much more than just football.

The show returns for its second season tonight, and I'm a little nervous about it — partly because it's now on Fridays (when even a die-hard fan like me might not tune in), partly because of what I hear is a major and uncharacteristically melodramatic plot twist involving Tyra and Landry. I elected not to watch the episode when it was online early a couple of weeks ago, and the suspense has become almost unbearable. While no review I've read has revealed what the twist is (though I think one of NBC's own promos might — jerks!), nobody seems to think it's a positive turn for the show to take.

I hope it's not something big or bad enough to ruin "Friday Night Lights," which was practically perfect despite its low ratings. Frankly, I can't even imagine what could wreck the show; it just has so much going for it. My episode rundowns will be published on Buzz on Mondays, so whatever it turns out to be, we'll talk more about it then. For now, to watch a promo for tonight's episode (not the super spoiler-y one I referred to above), just

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Liss1 Liss1 9 years
I love this show. I did watch the episode online but i will watch again tonight since it needs all the help it can get. i don't want it to get cancelled. I honestly don't think the episode was as good as last season, but i am sure it will still be an awesome show. :)
nomerz nomerz 9 years
I caught the last 4 episodes of last season on Bravo this afternoon so I will definitely be watching ... and I thought that Landry's interest in Tyra has always seemed shady, so if they go down the road I'm thinking they are I will be disappointed but not surprised. OT -- how much does Minka Kelly look like Leighton Meister from Gossip Girl?
mfern64 mfern64 9 years
dkdc77 dkdc77 9 years
i am missing the premier tonight, so i watched it online already, and all i have to say is "no they didn't!". i am soooo disappointed. it is something that belongs on a soap opera and, honestly, i don't see how it fits with the tone of the show. i am interested to see how they dig themselves out of it though. the rest of the ep was classic FNL and perfect.
longhorn longhorn 9 years
CANNOT wait for the premiere. This was my favorite show from 2007 (and I didn't watch it until this summer!) Unfortunately my family is coming in for the TX/OU game so I can't watch the fist episode until Sunday.
hellosunshine hellosunshine 9 years
I saw the first episode online and it did not disappoint. Its an amazing show and more people should be watching it, live or online.
any any 9 years
i like this show... unfortunately i dont see it as often as i should... so i dont know so many things about it...
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
I am so looking forward to watching FNL tonight but I, too, worry that the second season won't be as strong as the first. One Pittsburgh reviewer said that he fears the show has made some changes that dumb it down in an effort to attract younger and female viewers (don't know how I feel about his use of "dumbed down" and "female in the same sentence!). If the football scenes are fewer, I can live with that since the show never really was a "football show." If the writers keep their focus on the relationships between family, friends, and community, FNL will continue to be the best thing going on tv. Go Panthers!
nimue nimue 9 years
omg.. i can't WAIT
genvessel genvessel 9 years
hingham - I agree! DVR was made for shows like this. i am worried about several of the spoilers that I've heard... my friends that live in Brownsville and have been talking to the cast said that it all works itself out - but yeah. No matter what, I'm sure that Kyle Chandler's hair will be there to save the day...
hingham hingham 9 years
Best Show on TV. Thank God for DVR!!
ktc71 ktc71 9 years
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show!
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