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TV Tonight: Friday Night Lights

Maybe it's just the writers' strike taking its toll on TV, but the more I think about last week's Friday Night Lights, the more I love it. Sure, it started with a poorly animated tornado, but that cheesiness gave way to one of the fullest and most emotional episodes of the season.

It also left us with a great setup for tonight's installment. For one thing, Coach's rival is still hanging around, and considering that Coach threw him against a wall last week when there wasn't even a game, things will surely get uglier when the Panthers and Laribee finally face off. For another, Riggins is homeless again after Coach spotted him in what appeared to be a compromising situation with Julie, which will further stress their relationship on and off the field. Plus, Smash gets a big story this week, as he prepares to commit to a college.

I admit I'm a little nervous about one scene in NBC's preview for the episode: the fairly unrealistic clip of the Laribee coach tackling one of the Panthers in the middle of a game. But hey, maybe that tackle — like the tornado — will end up overshadowed by some of the best moments on television. To watch the preview, just


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