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TV Tonight: "Heroes" — Plus New Secret Info!

TV Tonight: "Heroes" — Plus New Secret Info!

On tonight's "Heroes," Claire's adoptive mother faces a crisis, and the truth about Claire's real father is revealed. Matt Parkman gets a new job as a bodyguard, while Hiro and Ando reach Las Vegas but are distracted from their mission to find the sword. Mohinder locates another person on the List, and Simone turns to an unlikely ally in her search for Peter.

That's what will be on TV, but elsewhere, there's a lot of new insider "Heroes" information bubbling up. A huge shout-out is in order for Buzz reader and fellow "Heroes" nerd Butrfly4404, who went to the website for the fake paper company, Primatech, where Mr. Bennet (a.k.a. HRG, for Horn-Rimmed Glasses) supposedly works. By "applying" for a job on the site, you can gain access to an intriguing world of "secret" information, including details on a new hero! To learn more,

By filling out the application under the "Jobs" section of the site, the so-called paper company will send you emails. In addition, you will be "contacted" by another person with special abilities, Hana Gitelman, who has her own website.

Using her clues, you can go to the Primatech website and access the company's secret files. There are profiles for four people, three of which we can access: Hana, Sylar, and Ted, the radioactive guy. In her file, there is a photo of Hana and information about her power, which is to "intercept, generate and interpret electronic wireless transmissions." Thus, her alias is "Wireless."

Mr. Bennet/Primatech Paper made her believe she was working for the CIA and sent her to Tanzania to "intercept data on DNA alteration from Dr. Henry Strauss." She completed the mission but was then captured by the U.S. Embassy, surprised to learn that she was not, in fact, working for the CIA. She created the website as a way to reach out to others like her. She is suspicious of Mr. Bennet and thinks he is "either finding or building" people like her. She wants to put together a team of other heroes, though she knows not to trust Sylar. Hana has met Ted and says that he thinks Mr. Bennet caused his condition.

On her website, Hana provides this tidbit:

"I traced a package to that Primatech Paper Company. It was for a pneumatic isotope injector. Please tell me why a paper company needs that?"

Apparently, Ted is figuring out more about the pneumatic isotope injector now. She adds, "He’s gonna be useful. I have a plan and he’s going to be part of it. But we need one more."

Who do you think the "one more" will be?!

Furthermore, under "Important Messages" at the top, it says this:
"Text HANA to 46622, I'll be listening."

So, I texted the word "HANA" to that number (why has this show turned me into the biggest geek ever?!), and I got a message back, supposedly from Hana. You should try it.

In the meantime, let's discuss: What does it all mean? Will Hana show up on the show? Are there any other clues that we can examine, or do you think there will be more clues in tonight's episode? And what is a "pneumatic isotope injector," anyway?

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BKNYGal BKNYGal 10 years
Aw man, this is awesome.
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
Haha! I swear I have never gotten this into a show before!! I got a new email last night (Gee, cuz the show was on, maybe??) about a different character, but haven't checked it out yet. I can't friggin' believe they thought Parker was lying about Jessica. SHE WAS JUST IN PRISON, the justice system is aware of her, her double personality and her OBSCENE strength, yet they are calling him a loser or whatever. And...I wish I was as good as her at covering up with makeup! Also, had to get up and walk around last night so I could quit cussing at Ano and Hiro to shut up and find the bag already.
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