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TV Tonight: Make Me a Supermodel

I'm not sure if I would have started watching Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel had the writers' strike not been in full swing when it started, but the show has become one of my favorite guilty pleasures. In some ways, the show proves how silly America's Next Top Model can be; Supermodel is way harsher than anything Tyra can bring.

I blame the ridiculous challenges for sucking me in so fast. They started with having the guys and girls get cozy together on a park bench and only got steamier from there. Thongs on the runway? Lingerie-clad boudoir photographs? Completely nude posing? Check, check, and check.

Where do you go from there? Well, if tonight's episode is any indication, apparently you go into a water tank with a ginormous yellow boa constrictor. Why do those things even go together? But hey, not complaining — the crazier the assignments are, the better this show gets.

Have any of you been watching? Have you picked your favorites? To watch a preview for the snake challenge (warning: you may be able to figure out who gets kicked off at the start of the episode), just


Photos courtesy of Bravo

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