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TV Tonight: "My Boys" Returns

TV Tonight: "My Boys" Returns

Okay, I know that last year I kinda hated on the TBS original comedy "My Boys." A lot. And I maintain that it's obnoxious to say that being a laid-back, funny, down-to-earth girl with a few guy friends necessarily means that you can't get a boyfriend because guys are, according to this show, thoroughly turned off by confident girls who like sports. Plus, the show, all about a woman named PJ who writes for the sports section of the Chicago Sun-Times was deeply fond of using sports puns to reflect the action, which is rarely interesting and especially grating after the zillionth time ("Sometimes you just strike out!").

However, I have to admit that having seen the first few episodes of this next season, which starts tonight on TBS at 10:00 PM, the show has improved. For starters, they've given the character of Stephanie (played by Kellee Stewart), PJ's one girly friend more screen time, more dimension and far more funny lines than she ever had before, which is a pleasant surprise. I shocked myself by actually laughing out loud at some of Stephanie's lines. For another thing, they did well to bring in some new comedians, such as Nicole Sullivan who you probably know mostly from "Mad TV" and Sierra Mist commercials, and there's even a funny cameo by "30 Rock"'s Jack McBrayer in the second episode. And they did reduce the number of sports puns to a just mildly annoying degree.

I don't know that this will become one of my regular shows to catch, but I will begrudgingly cease to ridicule it quite so much. You can watch all 13 episodes of the first season on the "My Boys" website before the new season begins tonight.


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