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TV Tonight: My Super Sweet 16: The Movie

Yes, you read that right. No longer is "My Super Sweet 16" just a guilty-pleasure TV show where spoiled brats get lavish parties for an amount of money that could send them to college instead. It's also a movie — a direct-to-DVD movie, in fact — that will get its first TV airing on MTV today.

The movie, which thankfully is fictional, focuses on teen queens competing to throw the best party. It looks like standard teen-film fare, with plenty of catty comments and multiple scenes with characters typing away on their Sidekicks. And it sounds like MTV has more of this kind of thing up its sleeve: The network is developing three other teen films that would first air on TV, then be released on DVD, and possibly even make it to the big screen if they're well-received.

Those of you who are "My Super Sweet 16" fans: Do you think you can stomach a whole movie of it? To watch the trailer,


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