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TV Tonight: Pushing Daisies

Quick — everyone go make friends with a Nielsen family. Pushing Daisies returns tonight after a long absence (the last new episode aired before Halloween!), and the ratings for this episode will be very important.

How important? Well, for any show on the verge of cancellation, the ratings always matter. But for Daisies in particular, it could mean the difference between life and death (or, as Ned might say, "alive again" and "dead again, forever"). "We do want to see how Daisies does in the postelection viewing environment," an ABC source told E!. "The next week or two will be critical."

Y'all hear that? Critical!

So if you want this show to live on, call up everyone you know (bonus points if they have a Nielsen box) and tell them about this episode, which is called "Oh Oh Oh . . . It's Magic" and once again features Ned's half-brothers, the magicians Maurice and Ralston. The mystery involves the boys' surrogate father, "The Great Herrmann" (played by guest star Fred Willard), whose assistants are being killed in a series of suspicious murders. Speaking of suspicious, the creepy Dwight Dixon is back, this time cozying up to Chuck's aunts.

This week, Lipstick Jungle proved that even a small ratings boost can bring a show back from the brink of death. Can the same happen for Daisies? To watch a preview, just


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