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TV Tonight: Sci Fi Monday on NBC

One of the stories that got me most excited at the TCA press tour this summer was NBC's decision to put three series with sci-fi elements together on Monday nights. Tonight, we'll get out first look at how that strategy works out when "Chuck" and "Journeyman" premiere and "Heroes" returns for its second season.

The strategy seems smart because while each show has its own audience, I think the three could overlap. "Chuck" is the youngest and quirkiest of the shows; "Journeyman," on the other hand, is the TV equivalent of adult contemporary radio. "Heroes" falls somewhere in between, and, of course, it brings with it a ton of buzz from its first-season breakout and its many offseason casting announcements. "Chuck" is one of my top shows to watch this fall, while "Heroes" is a returning favorite, and frankly, I'll probably end up watching "Journeyman" because I'll be on the couch already anyway. Which of NBC's Monday shows excite you most? To watch clips from all three shows,


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beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i like the idea of the 3 together. i thought journeyman sounded kinda dumb, being too much like quantum leap, but it actually reminds me more of the time traveller's wife in a way as he always stays as himself when he time travels. i guess he isn't naked though. i wonder if he'll visit his ex-fiance in the past later in the season?! that'd be interesting. i don't know about chuck yet as i haven't seen the first episode yet.
Adrianne Adrianne 9 years
Chuck was good!
shafiii shafiii 9 years
I might check out Chuck online later on, but for now tonight is all about Heroes. I am so excited!
Nitachequita Nitachequita 9 years
I wasn't sure about Chuck, but watched the premiere ep online and LOVED it. I'll give Journeyman a shot, only because it has Reed Diamond in it, but the leads are boring.
ep24 ep24 9 years
love heroes. am psyched to for How I Met Your Mother tonight. great show! so funny
NadiaPotter NadiaPotter 9 years
I am watching everyone of them... wait.. I have to bath my dogs... oohh sorry journeyMan, but I have one hour before HEROES to prepare to watch Heroes... so the only time I get to bath them is.. JourneyMan...sorry man...
MamaD MamaD 9 years
Chuck and Journeyman don't interest me in the least. I think they'll be some of the first to get axed.
Community-Manager Community-Manager 9 years
I will be watching JourneyMan for sure it reminds me of Quantum Leap and loved that show!!!!
CestLaVie CestLaVie 9 years
Zzzzz, Zzzzzz and Zzzzz. I'll probably read instead.
ccboobooy ccboobooy 9 years
Can't wait for Heroes! I have been in a summer slump.
SugarKat SugarKat 9 years
I'll tivo all three just to see if I like the other two. We'll see how it goes. I def. won't be changing the channel...
Mokona Mokona 9 years
I'm a Heroes fan, so of course I've been eagerly waiting for tonight! But I was actually curious about Journeyman, even though it seems like it might get a little sappy. Chuck looks kinda doofy, but I'll probably end up watching it anyway.
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