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TV Tonight: Stylista

OK, I have to know: Is anyone enjoying the CW's Stylista as much as I am? Yes, it's insubstantial fluff, but sometimes that's exactly what I need — and the show's filling the cattiness void left behind by this past season of Project Runway quite nicely.

The show can be a little overdramatic (last week's hospital trip, anyone?), but I'm actually pleasantly surprised by how much the tasks handed down to the assistants so far seem like something one might be asked to do at a real magazine. That will get tested in tonight's episode, though, as the remaining aspiring editors are asked to throw a birthday party for Anne Slowey's niece. That seems a wee bit high-maintenance even for a woman who only eats almonds once they've been soaked overnight — but maybe there will be one heck of an editorial challenge to make up for it.

I guarantee, I'll be watching this show at least till Megan gets kicked off, because I can't wait to see how she reacts when someone tells her she's not the queen of everything. (As for which contestants I'm rooting for? Johanna and Ashlie, so far.) Is anyone else hooked, or do you all think I'm nuts? To watch an interview with Slowey and a clip from tonight's episode, just


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