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TV Tonight: "Survivor: China"

TV Tonight: "Survivor: China"

The 15th edition of "Survivor" kicks off tonight in China, with 16 new tribe members competing for $1 million. It's the first U.S. TV show to film an entire season in China, and one thing's certain: The scenery is sure to be gorgeous.

I don't expect "Survivor" to stray too far from its formula, but there are some intriguing things about this edition. The castaways will begin their challenges on separate islands in a man-made lake in the remote Jiangxi Province, and each will be given a copy of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. They'll also be camping on the Great Wall, and seriously, how cool is that?

Do you think "Survivor" still has any life in it as it moves into its 15th year? You can meet the contestants over here, or you can check out some behind-the-scenes videos from host Jeff Probst if you

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beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i want to watch. :(
dont watch it anymore.. mayb china will make it more interesting...
jenehfur jenehfur 9 years
One thing I love about survivor is they always try to switch things up a bit, while still having the overall aspect of the show remain the same (the introduction of the immunity idol, banishing people to an island alone, seperating tribes by ethnicity, giving them very little to bein with, etc etc) I think it keeps it exciting yet keeps with the tradition- can't wait to see what goes on this year. I'm still waiting for a frozen climate season tho.. think that would be real fun to watch!
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
I watch it now because of my bf, but have only seen a few seasons. I'm anxious for this one because they're bringing back more culture and China should be very interesting.
jennaboa jennaboa 9 years
Has it been 15 years already? Wow. I remember when the first one came out -- I was taking a Cultural Anthropology course and we "studied" the show, doing a breakdown of what was going on using different philosophical and anthropological methods. It was fascinating. Yes, I think these shows remain popular because they show us a lot about human nature at its most elemental. You can learn a lot about politics from this show. In fact, I'm surprised that no one has thought of filming Congress the way Burnett has Survivor filmed to make it more interesting to younger crowds. (I don't watch the show anymore, but still know a lot of people who do.)
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