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Ben2545712 Ben2545712 5 years
I haven't seen the movie yet- i will when it comes out on dvd- so  I can't say anything about the guys acting abilities.  I do find it quite hilarious how people criticize actors looks- especially since the average person on the street is fat and fugly and so out of shape it's pathetic.  I guarantee the people on here sniping about this guys looks are as ugly as sin and fat as pigs.  While I agree he is not the most "beautiful" man i've seen on t.v. he has a really impressive physique. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get into that kind of shape.  Most of you couch potatoes will never ever come close to matching this guys physique without a lot of hard work and dedication- talk is cheap especially since most of you do nothing but pop pringles and doughnuts while playing video games online all day and think you can critique everyone's looks but your own- have you looked in the mirror lately fat asses?- LOL!  By the way I'm not fat nor fugly- I work out and eat right and I still am not as ripped as this guy- can any of you big mouths say the same?  I doubt it.
Asfandancer Asfandancer 5 years
@Maude S We all see people differently. I see an ordinary looking guy, and a clone of every third young actor in the business today.
Maude-S Maude-S 5 years
Asfandancer, you are crazy.  This guy has "it".  I watched him on Friday Night Lights and the guy is gorgeous, sexy and so likeable.  He's a total superstar and a really good actor.  His role as Tim Riggins on FNL was totally believable and his chemistry with Minka Kelly on that show was ridiculous.   If you have guys twice as good looking on the street corner of your little town, then I've got to move.  
Asfandancer Asfandancer 5 years
OMG I have seen the trailer for this movie and my only comment was yet another common looking guy that definitely is not movie star attractive. I could probably see a guy twice as good looking on the street corner of my little town. Now I find out he is the Taylor guy who played in Friday Night Lights and the Battlefield movie out in May. What is the matter with today's youth when they consider this guy even close to hot. As for all these muscle bound guys (do I see man boobs), they seem to be brawn with no acting skills.
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