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Three's a Crowd for Natalie, Jake and Tobey

Three's a Crowd for Natalie, Jake and Tobey

This is a good-looking love triangle.
Natalie Portman has signed on to star alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire in a remake of Susanne Bier's Danish-language film Brothers. Writer/Director Jim Sheridan (My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father, In America) will direct.

It's like "Army Wives" meets "Band of Brothers."
Okay, not really. The story "centers on a man (Maguire) who is sent to fight in Afghanistan while his black-sheep brother (Gyllenhaal) cares for his wife (Portman) and child."

That's a lot of youth, beauty and talent right there.
These three in a movie together sounds promising. I hope there are some plot twists, though, since that description sounds a little tired and predictable. Still, at least there will be some eye candy to attract both men and women to see the film.


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beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
there have always been remakes around even in the 20s when film was so young. anyway, this looks good simply because of the cast: the plot doesn't sound nearly as promising.
Kazo Kazo 9 years
Ugh, this is a terrible idea. The original Danish film is brilliant and incredibly moving and was only released about 3 years ago for gods sake! Why do they have to remake it? Are they seriously that low on ideas? And I really don't think they can improve upon the original at all or bring anything fresh to it because the original was already fresh and (for lack of a better word) original. And on a sidenote, the American cast is at least 10 years younger then their Danish comparatives. Again with the youth obsession.
AucuneRancune AucuneRancune 9 years
Wow, that photo of Natalie Portman literally made me gasp. She looks stunning.
figurine figurine 9 years
I don't mind remakes as long as they're interesting and maybe add a new dimension to the original movie. There are only so many stories out there to be told; what you can do is add new details. I think The Departed is a bit better than Infernal Affairs so that's a remake I don't mind. And this remake I think could totally be worth watching as well. Having seen Brothers I must say that Jake is more suitable to play the black-sheep brother, his part is really cute in the movie (while the other brother isn't very sympathetic, he's kinda creepy). :D
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
madchen that's the same thing with martin scorcese making a remake of an hong kong film that was ony released three years ago. martin's remake: the departed. hollywood is running dry with ideas so they have to come see what the europeans and asians are doing and then make remakes of the great films they see over there and hollywood-a-fy their remakes. it really is getting boring and redundant. also why is that jake is the black-sheep of the family. if anything tobey looks like he could be the black-sheep of any family. ouch! okay that was mean.
Mädchen Mädchen 9 years
Seriously, what's the deal with remakes? Whatever happened to originality? "Mostly Martha", "Abre los ojos", "The Lives of Others", the list goes on and on. I like all three of these actors, but I really don't get why there has to be a remake of a perfectly fine film which was only just released 2/3 years ago...
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