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The Three Stooges Trailer Brings Back Everything but the Laughs

Well, the Farrelly brothers' long-awaited update of The Three Stooges is here, and it's full of nyucks, pratfalls, and attempts to make the characters relevant. Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, and Chris Diamantopoulos star as Larry, Curly, and Moe, but the actors come off looking more like three guys who dressed up as the trio for Halloween. The classic Stooges bits also feel like they're nothing but part of their impressions, especially Sasso doing Curly's "woop-woop-woop" and high-pitched voice.

Even though the trailer is mostly a collection of gags, there is a story: the guys try to save the orphanage they grew up in, only to end up as stars of a reality show. If you think that sounds lame, just wait until you see the cringe-worthy jokes, like a nun in a sexy bathing suit, or the Stooges' inability to understand what an iPhone is. The injection of technology is just one of the ways this movie looks desperate to make the characters modern, but it hits the ultimate low with the appearance of the Jersey Shore cast. I love classic comedy, but The Three Stooges doesn't look like it's going to cause any sort of triumphant revival for the trio. Watch the preview for yourself after the jump.

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Fabio2460417 Fabio2460417 5 years
Wait you have not even seen the movie so you are giving the trailer a bad review? Ahhhh shudup. Why you I oughtta... Fact: If the stoodges were around today, they would give them a reality show like they have already given the stoodge cast of Jersey Shore. This is a fun idea. And with Larry David in the cast - I'm there.
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