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Tim Kring Can't Stop Apologizing for Heroes

When I talked with Heroes creator Tim Kring a few weeks back, I was surprised at how open he was about some of the criticisms that have fallen on his show this season. But that's nothing compared to all the apologizing the man's been doing lately. Last week, he called up Entertainment Weekly to offer his own, quite detailed critique of this season of Heroes. And now, he's promised that the string of episodes, including tonight's, that lead up to the Dec. 3 finale of Volume 2 will return Heroes to its first-season form — if not better.

Kring's critiques mirror many of the complaints you've had about the show this season — that it's too slow, there are too many characters, and Hiro needed to get the heck out of Japan. On the one hand, it's hard not to admire how open Kring is being about the shortcomings of his show and how willing he is to shake things up based on fans' reactions. On the other hand, I have to wonder why he didn't just make the start of the season better in the first place.

Regardless, tonight's episode may be Kring's biggest apology yet: It's essentially a do-over of the second season premiere. This time, Heroes is going into the past — four months ago, in fact — to fill in the gaps of what happened between the first-season finale and the present day. Here's a pretty thorough preview of what's coming up tonight, including a clip of Kristen Bell's second appearance as Elle. To check out a trailer for the episode, just

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