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Tips and Hints to Sound Like You Watch Lost

How-To: Sound Like You Watch Lost, Even If You Don't

You guys all know that I've been a die-hard Lost fanatic since day one, but I know that not everyone is in my boat (or should I say "on my island." Groan). I love watching the show with friends and spending the next day theorizing — but I also sympathize with the many of you out there who just don't get what the excitement is all about.

It might be a little too late to start watching the series, but who says you can't fake it? Here are a few tips for you to impress your friends, socialize at Lost viewing parties, or ways to steer the conversation into something that's a little more up your alley. Whip 'em out tonight and tomorrow morning!

Things to say at a viewing party

  • Two minutes before the episode begins, announce "Previously on Lost" in your scariest voice. It's not an original joke, but everyone around you will think you've done this before.
  • Roll your eyes anytime Sawyer (that's the hot surly blond guy) makes a joke and say "Ugh, I'm so on team Jack." (This also works vice versa anytime Jack whines).
  • At any given time just say "Man, I miss the days when the biggest question was whether they would live in the caves or on the beach."
  • Roll your eyes when Kate is onscreen, and suggest a drinking game where everyone sips when Kate does something annoying.
  • Comment on Claire's skull baby. You'll know it when you see it.

For more helpful little hints, just read more.

Tips for your every day Lost watercooler conversations

  • How to get everyone to stop talking about the Easter Eggs you know nothing about: "None of this matters. It all comes down to good vs. evil."
  • How to extract yourself when you clearly don't know what the last season is about: "I stopped watching after the Nikki and Paolo debacle."
  • How to turn the conversation toward celebrity gossip, a subject you may know more about: "I mean, would Kate and Charlie ever date on the show? I think not."
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