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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Book 1 by David Michaels Reader Review

Book Review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Book 1 by David Michaels

The following post is from beautyreader, who posted it in the OnSugar blog Fraiche Reads.

Nothing is like a great guilty pleasure novel that features spying, espionage, and a undercover government organization. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Book 1 (which is based on Ubisoft's Splinter Cell game series) delivers with a very detailed description of the protagonist, Sam Fisher. Sam is the top spy in his organization, and to prove it the author introduces him in no other fashion than in the character's own habitat, on a mission. While reading, the description can be overbearing but validates itself by the great storyline, which leads Sam to Afghanistan to investigate weapon smuggling.

In between the narration by Sam, we come across his very gullible daughter, Sarah. She is Sam's only weakness, due to rocky parenting where Sam is overprotective of her because of his experience. She's in college and she feels like she can take over the world. Sarah goes on a trip with a classmate to Israel where she reunites with an old fling. Of course, she gets into trouble during her travels. Her sections of the story are narrated in third-person compared to Sam's first person. This is a great break from wandering too deep into the mind of a government spy.

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What I love about this book is that the novels are based on the popular game series, rather than the game [being] based on the novel. As a fan of the game, I felt as if Sam Fisher is more of a complete character. The novel's detail drew me in with very little effect and when it got mysterious I was eager to read more. It read like a spy movie. I was able to envision every moment and hear the tone of Sam's voice. This is a book I found hard to put down because I was always wondering what happened next. For some, this guilty pleasure novel might be an easy read and may even be boring, but for those who prefer a well rounded environment with complete characters, this will fill that void.

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