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Buzz Blabber: Tom Hanks Is Still America's Sweetheart

Tom Hanks turned 56 this week, and in those years, he's racked up quite a résumé. We were pleasantly surprised to see the actor's fans weighing in on their favorite Hanks movies. Meanwhile, The Bachelorette's Emily has narrowed her search for love down to the final two gentleman. Check out what the consensus is on who she should pick below!

Tom Hanks has more than one iconic role

  • "I have to admit for some reason I loved him in The 'Burbs. Also, Apollo 13. Those are both quintessential Tom Hanks moves for me." — jadenirvana
  • "Only Tom Hanks can act as Forrest Gump. It's his masterpiece movie . . . The Green Mile and Saving Private Ryan are also good movies." — aungmyin99
  • "Apollo 13, The Money Pit, and The 'Burbs are my favorite Tom Hanks movies. Ooh, Saving Private Ryan is up there, too." — likethedirection

See which contestant fans are rooting for on The Bachelorette after the jump.

Everyone just wants to see Emily happy

  • "I hope she finds love. She's a lot smarter than I originally gave her credit for. She appears for real. Brad was not a good fit. Hopefully whichever guy she chooses can make it [a more meaningful relationship.] She seems to deserve a happy ending." — love2dish
  • "I think she needs to stop wearing shorts and knee-high boots! Aside from that, I think she will pick Arie. I love Jef though! He is supersmart, fun, interesting, and nice. He would make a great father and husband. But she might pick Arie, because she just really likes him physically and that is as far as she could go, I think." — dandd
  • "Jef is my pick for her. Arie seems like a sleazeball to me. It has nothing to do with the producer debacle . . . Something just seems 'off' with him. Jef and her seem to be really into each other on a number of levels. My heart broke for Sean, too! I loved him. What a class act." — gymrat87

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