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Tonight's My Boys Finale Ends With Another Cliffhanger

Tonight's My Boys Finale Ends With Another Cliffhanger

If you've been watching My Boys on TBS for all three of its seasons, you've probably noticed that each season ends with a cliffhanger of some kind, and according to the show's star, Jordana Spiro (P.J.), tonight's cliffhanger is "far and away" her favorite one. The gang heads to Arizona for the Cubs' Spring training and P.J. tries to get a fresh, interesting story for her column. To get these scenes, apparently Spiro and a camera operator walked around the stadium and Spiro interviewed random people in character as P.J.

There's the possibility that P.J. and Bobby will "take the next step" in their relationship tonight, though I sort of hope they don't — I like watching their relationship gradually grow. Another thing I like: the snarky teasing between Stephanie and Kenny (who had quite the night in last season's finale!), who are so clearly into each other. I wonder if something else will happen with them tonight?

What do you think of this show? Have you been watching this season? For a sneak peek at tonight's finale,


Photos courtesy of TBS

Liss1 Liss1 8 years
I can't believe the season is over already, why are they so short?
jlr32phl jlr32phl 8 years
This show is so good, why is it so short! The first seaosn had 22 episodes and the last two seasons have only had 9. LAME!
marksgirl marksgirl 8 years
Best half hour situation comedy on broadcast television. if the network were run by people who loved and knew about TV, more shows like this would be on and less demeaning, ridiculous reality shows. I am very saddened that my grandsons will never get to see how great TV can really be when used to its fullest potential. When I was growing up I had some of the best newscasters, dramas and comedies on TV. Today if a show has any quality it is usually gone in 2 weeks. Taxi,Cheers,Seinfeld,Mash - just to name a few had the worst ratings, if not for some TV executives with some faith in their decisions and the public, none of those shows would have made it past their first 13 episodes. Really, shows actually got that long to make it no matter what. The shows i mentioned are all considered classics, in the Top 5 to 10 of every list of television ever made, and all were laugh out loud funny and smart. Qualities "My Boys"has, and the reason it is not on the alpahabet soup networks. If a show comes along that has an inkling of adult humor and intelligence, I beg you throw your support behind it and give it a chance - or watch Jim Belushi and Bob Saget sitcoms for the rest of your life but no more complaining aloud.
Lavinie Lavinie 8 years
I like this show... it's funny and different from other shows out there... i just don't understand why this show is so short! it ends so quickly... and don't we end up having to wait for a whole year for another season..argh
shmoo15 shmoo15 8 years
Ok, so I watch this show, but have to admit I think it's actually quite terrible. So so cheesy. But I can't seem to help myself. I think it's Jim Gaffigan. Yes, it is. I watch for him and him alone
demarco11 demarco11 8 years
I love this show! I'm sad to see it go away so soon!!
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