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Trailer for ABC's Cupid Remake Starring Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson

First Look: Cupid

I've been curious for a while now about ABC's Cupid, which is expected to air sometime this Spring. It comes from the mind of Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, who's been given the chance to remake his own short-lived 1998 show. We first heard about the remake more than a year ago, and finally, there's some footage!

Bobby Cannavale (one of my favorite "that guy"s who seems to turn up everywhere) stars as Trevor — or, as he'd rather be known, Cupid, the Roman God of love. He believes he's been put on this earth to bring couples together for their chance at true love, but other people just think he's crazy. Like, certifiably crazy — which is where psychologist Claire Allen (Sarah Paulson) comes in. She's devoted her life's work to helping singles find their soul mates, but even she isn't totally convinced that Trevor is Cupid in the flesh.

Maybe it's just Cannavale's spirited singing, but this trailer makes the show look like a perfect fit with the equally fantastical Eli Stone — or even Pushing Daisies, should the show still be around in the Spring (fingers crossed). I'm curious to hear what you fans of the original Cupid think of this new footage. To check it out, just


Photo copyright 2008 ABC, Inc.

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