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Trailer For Bad Teacher Starring Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel 2011-02-23 10:28:37

Cameron Diaz's Dirty Mouth Stars in the Bad Teacher Trailer

The red band trailer for Bad Teacher dives right into the NSFW jokes, showcasing Cameron Diaz as a teacher who's not afraid to drop F-bombs on her student's term papers or smoke pot in the school parking lot. It's unclear why she's even in the profession to begin with, though her career gets new meaning when she sets her sights on a fellow teacher (Justin Timberlake, doing his very best impression of Glee's Mr. Schuester), who appears to be rich.

Though the preview made me chuckle a few times, the plot line appears to be pretty flimsy, and Diaz's shtick gets tired after a minute and a half. I'm all for letting the ladies tackle the raunchy comedy and leaving the guys (Jason Segel rounds out the cast as a gym teacher with a crush on Diaz) to play the watered-down roles, but I'm hoping this comedy has a little more substance than what we're seeing here. See for yourself (I warn you again, it's NSFW) when you read more.

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