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Trailer for Jay McCarroll Documentary Eleven Minutes

Movie Preview: Eleven Minutes

Sure, he won the first season of Project Runway, but that doesn't mean Jay McCarroll has had it easy. As one of the first reality TV winners to be catapulted to fame, McCarroll's faced a lot of criticism about why he hasn't done more. He was a subject of a story about Bravo's struggling reality stars back in 2007, a cautionary tale about the price of sudden stardom.

A couple of years ago, Jay's post-show plight was the subject of a Bravo special, and now those same filmmakers have turned his story into a feature-length documentary, Eleven Minutes. The film is set to hit theaters Feb. 20 and traces Jay's journey to create a collection, show it at New York Fashion Week, and market it to stores.

Jay's always been better at the art side of fashion than at the business aspects (or at sucking up to people, for that matter), and so I'm curious to see how he navigates the high-end fashion world. Even if he's not your favorite Runway winner, would you check out this movie about "the constant balancing of commerce with art, fame with talent and reality TV with actual reality"? To watch the trailer, just



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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i heard about this but i've never thought that it was going to come to fruition. i think that i might have to check it out given that i've been curious about the 'afterlife' of the winner of project runway - and i think that it'll put things into perspective for us.
annebreal annebreal 8 years
I'd say most documentaries aren't made to be big box office draws or anything, I bet it'll just open in art houses or whatever. I don't think doing well in the theaters was part of their goal at all. It looks really good though, I'll catch it somehow.
luckiedog luckiedog 8 years
Saw it, loved it. Life's hard for a struggling fashionista. A great character study, not just for Project Runway fans.
Punk-Glam-Queen Punk-Glam-Queen 8 years
Looks interesting, however I'm going to go with this being a renter rather than a must-see in the theater. Its incredibly stressful and difficult to create a line that will sell. I feel for Jay, as when I was an indie designer I too couldn't deal with the business end. I found myself constantly tweaking the designs to suit the shops so they'd buy. Sometimes so much so that in the end the design looked nothing like what I had originally created! As an artist you have a vision that you want to see through, but the business side forces you to make concessions so that buyers will buy and your designs are out there and in the shops. In the end I wound up giving it up as I couldn't keep up with the cost of production without financial backing. If I were to accept backing it would've meant I'd have to compromise even further and in addition answer to someone who held the purse strings. So give Jay a break, hopefully he'll overcome his difficulties and somewhere along the line find a happy medium that allows him his creative freedom and be able to create a line that the buyers and the public will buy and appreciate!
watereatsrock watereatsrock 8 years
I love me some J!!! I will be watching this for sure!
wackdoodle wackdoodle 8 years
I don't feel badly for Jay. He's facing what all artists worth their salt face - hard work, isolation and self-doubt. He is truly talented and I cannot wait to see this doc to see how he's progressed and how he handles the pressure.
carak carak 8 years
like the others, i'm surprised that this is going to be in theatres. it seems more like a Bravo special. i don't feel like this would do well in theatres at all.
neptunerh neptunerh 8 years
Miss Houston said: "Instead of putting your energies toward boo-hoo-ing, Jay, why not wow us with some awesome design work and showcase the talent that won you the title in the first place?" Um.. You mean like create an entire line of clothing, put it up at New York's Fashion Week, start marketing it, and making a documentary about the whole process? Yeah, he really needs to get on that. Oh.. And selling on QVC, and creating a line of fabric ...
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
I don't really see this being very popular in theatres.
willowdiamond willowdiamond 8 years
lol I've never even heard of him
Melo-D Melo-D 8 years
I'll have to wait for it to air on Bravo. It's hard enough to get me to the theater. This doesn't cut it. Sorry.
hannahsnow hannahsnow 8 years
I love Jay and Kelly. I'll definitely watch this.
misshouston misshouston 8 years
I felt sort of bad for Jay in that he was one of the first reality-show winners to realize that winning does *not* guarantee long-term success, but his whining has gotten really old. Instead of putting your energies toward boo-hoo-ing, Jay, why not wow us with some awesome design work and showcase the talent that won you the title in the first place?
tchan01 tchan01 8 years
I'd wait for it to come on TV or DVD but it definitely looks interesting. Just goes to show you how much you have to prove to others that you want to be taken seriously after winning a reality tv competition...
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