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The Trailer for Leo's 11th Hour

The Trailer for Leo's 11th Hour

Soon after this year's Oscars, I heard tell of Leonardo DiCaprio's environmentally themed documentary, and now the movie has a trailer and a release date of August 17. Back then, DiCaprio was described as "using the medium that he knows best to explore the problem of global warming by making a documentary that is almost a film... the feature-length film even tries to proffer solutions for restoring the Earth's ecosystems."

Originally posted on the movie's MySpace page, the trailer for 11th Hour includes an introduction by Leo himself followed by footage from the movie that is clearly split into two parts:
Part 1: Foreboding doomsday images and forecasts of certain apocalypse if human beings continue down their current environmentally destructive path.
Part 2: Leo and friends more cheerfully appealing to "our generation" to be the hip saviors of the natural world — set to a driving rock song. The weight of the responsibility being placed squarely on us is cushioned by the promise of heroism: "This generation gets to completely change this world."

Heavy-handedness aside, this is a grave issue and if Leo can bring some attention to it then that's great. To see the trailer for Leo's documentary, the Inconvenient Truth for Generation Y,

The 11th Hour

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. According to the Earth Times, the hybrid-driving hunk (my words, not Earth Times')

CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 10 years
Oh Puuleaaze, Nobody that I know takes Leo seriously. He pollutes his own body, why should I listen to him?
tati33 tati33 10 years
rarrr! Leo es muy guapo! I saw the trailer before I saw SiCKO - i'm interested
Janeiro Janeiro 10 years
Nothing--nothing--will ever change until we have a political leader that will be absolutely radical. Think about it: the very basis of our culture (consumerism) will have to change *drastically*. We'll have to content with the rise of India and Chinas whose economies are growing rapidly, along w/ its population. So fixing a light bulb here or there won't do a damn thing. In fact, it'll likely make things worse as it'll absolve people of all guilt and responsibility. When celebs like Leo come out on environmentalism, unless they practice what they preach, it makes the situation worse b/c fans will think, "If rich people who have access to resources are still flying around on private jets and buying acres of material they don't need, why should I change?"
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
oh that looks good. i love that he and other celebs are so into the environment and use their money to show that like with their hybrid cars etc. i think thats so great. i really don't understand why more people with money don't care more - obviously organic food and environmentally friendly furniture, cars, etc are affordable for them! It always makes me like a celebrity more knowing they do care, like Leo does.
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