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"Traveler" Will Get a Prime Thursday Try-Out

"Traveler" Will Get a Prime Thursday Try-Out

I have high hopes for ABC's summer series "Traveler," which centers around two buddies who get framed for a terrorist act by a third friend. So I was excited to see that the show — which wasn't scheduled to start until May 30 — will be getting a special premiere after the May 10 episode of "Grey's Anatomy." The show will then move to its regular 10 p.m. Wednesday slot on May 30 with a second airing of the pilot episode.

The move means that "Men in Trees" is done for the season, but it's expected that the remaining five episodes will be shown in the fall, giving the show an extra-long second season.

"Traveler" is directed by David Nutter, who also directed episodes of "X-Files" and "Roswell," and it has a similarly mysterious plot. Three friends are on a road trip when they decide to prank an art museum in New York by rollerblading through it. Two take off down the stairs; the third, Will, stays behind to film them. But as soon as the other two make it out of the museum, they get a call from Will, who says "I'm sorry I had to do this." The museum immediately blows up, and within minutes, the video of the two friends running away is plastered all over television. It looks pretty heavy for a summer series, but it could be a welcome change of pace from all the reality fare the networks have planned. I got my hands on a copy of the pilot, so I'll check it out and let you know what I think; for now, you can see a preview video if you

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Phil Phil 10 years
Ah, for Men in Tree this means that we'll have to wait all the way until the fall... but, that also means that we'll be getting 27 new episodes (like Grey's second season)!! I'll miss Elmo As for Traveler, it's about time! I've been hearing about this since last fall and have been hoping it would come around January-ish. Better late than never I suppose, but the date the show premiers just makes me sad that Lost's season is almost over :(
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Looking forward to reading your thoughts about Traveler, Buzz. The trailer looks interesting--and plausible, which is frightening in many ways. If they can sustain the drama, the show could be a winner.
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
it's definitely back for next season! ABC gave it an early renewal
jaclynloro jaclynloro 10 years
is it definite that men in trees is coming back? I really love that show and will miss it dearly if it's not!
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