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"Traveler" Recap: Episode 2, "The Retreat"

"Traveler" Recap: Episode 2, "The Retreat"

One thing I noticed watching last night's second episode of "Traveler": That show moves fast! So much happens that I could hardly believe every time it was time for another commercial break. The downside of that is that too much seemed to happen on this week's episode, and it was hard to keep track of all the twists and turns. Still, "Traveler" is a mystery that I'm having fun trying to solve.

In case you missed the first episode, here's a quick rundown: Jay, Tyler and Will were grad school friends and roommates who decide to take a road trip before starting their professional lives. At an art museum in New York, Will encourages the guys to pull a prank by rollerblading through the museum. He says he'll be behind them filming, but instead, he tells Jay he's "sorry I had to do this" just before the museum blows up. The two end up as suspects in a terrorist plot, and nobody can find any trace of Will, not even a photograph. Jay wants to reason with the FBI while Tyler wants to run; in the end, thanks to help from several mysterious characters and following the death of a few FBI agents, the two set off for Tyler's rich dad's house somewhere in the country.

That's where the second episode picks up, so to talk about it,

  • On the way to Carlton's, Jay has a flashback to the moment he found out that Carlton had cut Tyler off, and that's why Tyler was at school, paying his own bills.
  • Nothing Tyler does seems to be too smart. He was the one who wanted to run in the first place, and then, when they get caught in a road block after a traffic accident, he decides to turn the car around and drive away, drawing more attention from the police than they might have gotten otherwise.
  • Some interesting tidbits from the FBI: Jay's dad is the son of a soldier who died, and Jay had two years of ROTC in college; Tyler traveled in the Middle East and audited chemical engineering classes at Yale. Also, the president was apparently involved in Carlton's federal indictment, which the FBI considers a reason for the guys to want to attack the presidential collection at the museum.
  • Speaking of which, did we know it was the presidential collection that was targeted? If so, I think I missed that.
  • Will Traveler still apparently doesn't exist in any records. Jay and Tyler seem shocked by this, but seriously, guys. You went to Yale and you didn't know Will Traveler sounded like a fake name?
  • The big question I had throughout the episode: What is Carlton trying to do? Who are all the guys milling around — Carlton's security or undercover FBI agents? Is he actually trying to save the guys, or does he want to have them arrested or killed? I'm not sure if he thought he was hiring a lawyer or a hit man. My instinct says he wanted to get them killed (especially with the evil, conniving way he convinced Jay to go with Tyler), but if so, why?
  • The guy Carlton hired to help the guys — the lawyer/hitman — gives them a polygraph test before taking them off somewhere to be killed. So what was the point of the polygraph test? Just plot advancement for us so we could learn that Jay blames the government for his dad's death and Tyler once handled explosives with Will?
  • Jay's girlfriend, Kim, is tough as nails and might be my favorite character on the show. She still fiercely believes in Jay, and her sketch of Will is the only thing making the FBI trust that he might have existed. It still seems like Will died in the explosion, but I'm not sure I believe it.
  • So Will knew Tyler's dad. Not sure what to make of that yet.
  • I cracked up when one of the planes in the hangar was named "Nervous Energy." Also, wouldn't they have known as soon as they walked in that those tiny planes weren't going to be able to get them to Europe?
  • At the end, someone calls a Department of Homeland Services official to say Tyler and Jay had been killed. Who made that call? And are we supposed to believe that the government intended to murder them all along?

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sofi sofi 10 years
is the show just supposed to run through the summer? I go sucked in as well and wished I was paying more attention- since so much was going on, as you all said earlier. I think the father is the real criminal- set the boys up to live with each other and have Will use the other two to help in his and Carlton's plot. This might be able to move on if by the end of this season the boys are cleared and Carlton is on the run. One additional season could be Tyler hunting down his father to get him back for what he put him through and of course Jay will have to figure out what happened to his father. Intriguing and hopefully they don't cram things.
RAGelston RAGelston 10 years
i'm also torn but on the upside, i love the guy that's cast as the department of homeland security official and was excited to see him (even though it was only a little bit of him)...
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
good questions, megmarmor! as of now, ABC has only ordered a small number of episodes (I think 8) so I'm looking at Traveler like it's a miniseries. But I agree -- this one would be a great one to watch all at once on DVD.
megmarmor megmarmor 10 years
Sorry, along those same lines... I'm worried about the future of the show b/c I don't want it dragged out so long that it gets cancelled before we find out what's going on (ie Six Degrees). Therefore, I'm weary about getting invested in it.
megmarmor megmarmor 10 years
I'm really torn about this show. I like it, and while it is moving quickly, I still want to watch more. What I mean is that I almost wish I could watch more at once. But on that note, I'm having trouble seeing where the show is going to go. It was obvious that they weren't going to Switzerland; how can the show advance with them in Europe? But other than going back to New Haven...where are they going next? Along that line, will this plot only last a year (much like 24)? Can they really drag this out and keep audience's attention if the plot goes on longer? What is the real future of this show?
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