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"Traveler" Recap: Episode 6, "The Trader"

"Traveler" Recap: Episode 6, "The Trader"

As "Traveler" hurtles toward its season finale, the episodes are starting to be more closely balanced between Jay and Tyler's story and Will's, leading me to believe that there's going to be a massive smackdown between the three of them. So I'd just like to go on record now as saying that if they just hug and make up, it will be the lamest series ending ever.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. This week's episode starts with Jay and Tyler heading back to New York, where Jay ever-so-helpfully reminds us it's dangerous to be because people haven't forgotten about the Drexler bombing. Well, maybe they shouldn't be talking about it in public, then, huh? There was lots more wacky logic in this week's episode, so

  • Back at FBI headquarters, we get a long, lingering shot of old bullet scars in Agent Chambers' back. Why? Well, that's another thing we just don't know yet. The agents get a report that Jay and Tyler were in Boston, and Marlow heads that way while Borjes stays behind to figure out the identity of the scary bleached-blond escapee.
  • Will, meanwhile, surfaces in Deer Harbor to observe the wrecked, gutted Good Ship Maya and discover his key missing from the hiding space in her basement. I was expecting someone to be waiting for him when he got back upstairs, but I jumped a few feet in the air anyway. Will quickly dispatched the intruder with a spin-kick through a plate-glass window.
  • Jay and Tyler arrive at the office of Three Continents Investing, which is conveniently unlocked. Inside: a computer with nothing on the hard drive, a disconnected phone, bags of shredded documents. Tyler recognizes the paper scraps as some kind of stock document and matches the ticker symbol to Holloway Insurance, the company Carlton had told them sold off a bunch of stock just before the Drexler bombing. They nearly get discovered but manage to run (and pant heavily) down a nearby alley.
  • Will apparently has super time-travel abilities, as he makes it to Boston from Maine in what appears to be a few seconds and discovers his locker empty. He then pickpockets two people — including one of the FBI agents searching for Jay and Tyler — in the space of about 45 seconds. He's a slick one, that Will. The FBI later reviews the security footage for the library, and Marlow realizes that Will exists. But ... wouldn't the FBI have just reviewed the tapes for several days prior to find out who emptied out the locker?
  • Tyler coerces his grad-school friend Eddie, an employee of Tyler's dad's, to look up who sold Holloway shares before the bombing. One of the big sellers turns out to be a company Tyler's dad has a stake in, but Tyler refuses to believe his father could be involved, punches Jay in the nose, and leaves. Jay, meanwhile, goes back to Eddie's apartment, where he binds him to a chair and tells him not to tell the police anything — unless it's the truth about Carlton.
  • Tyler confronts Carlton with the Holloway evidence, and Carlton simply responds that his involvement was all about protecting the family's long-term longevity. Wow, nothing like finding out your father intended to have you killed because you were too weak to lead, huh?
  • Will meets some dude named Jimmy and trades his new ID stash for a rather large arsenal of guns and knives. He then meets up with another "soldier" in a park and tries to find out who killed Maya, but instead, she tries to kill Will, saying the word came down that he'd "gone rogue." The only interesting part of the sequence to me was that Will said he never signed up to kill civilians; so, who did he sign up to kill?
  • Borjes discovers that the escapee is actually an undercover government agent named Otis. Heh, he didn't look like an Otis.
  • Finally, Tyler goes back to hang out and watch the police proceedings outside Eddie's apartment. Sure, that makes sense — go where the cops are. Not to be all Carlton Fogg, but Tyler's really not the smartest, is he? Chambers and Marlow spot him and take off running, and that's where this episode ends.

Will the guys reconcile? Are Otis and the NSA guy rogue government operatives, or is everyone up through the president in on this plan? And will the FBI ever believe that Jay and Tyler were framed? Stay tuned.


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SassAndBide SassAndBide 10 years
i'm lovin this show. i really hope they don't cancel though. jay is my favorite
shafiii shafiii 10 years
i liked this episode a lot! it was interesting how jay and tyler seperated from each other and tried to figure out some of the mysteries on there own. i cant wait till next week where more will be undiscovered!
WhereSheShops WhereSheShops 10 years
I have DVR'd the show and am behind a couple episodes...seeing the pic, however, makes me give a shout out to the LONGHORNS! Hook 'em Horns! Love his hat!
longhorn longhorn 10 years
Finally started watching this show (it's been saved on my Tivo) It's pretty good even though it's kind of predictable. I'm glad we're at least going to get closure in the next few eps and won't be left to wonder what happened. Have to say I love his hat! ;)
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Watching Traveler is like reading a good mystery, one in which all gets resolved in the final few pages. Knowing that your dad was protecting the "long term" interests of the family by being willing to sacrifice you must have made Tyler's day! Not unexpected, but still...Great review, Buzz. Looking forward to the last two episodes and to your recaps.
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