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"Traveler" Recap: Episode 7, "The Reunion"

"Traveler" Recap: Episode 7, "The Reunion"

Only one more episode of "Traveler" to go, and I'm beginning to accept that I'm not ever going to understand everything that happens in this show. But "The Reunion" was yet another fun ride with yet another major twist at the end, so let's get to it.

  • So this episode begins literally where the last one left off, with Tyler running from the FBI agents. Did anyone else think, at least for a moment, that he might go running straight into Jay's outstretched arms, all romantic-comedy style?
  • Jay, meanwhile, has other things to do — like track down his girlfriend for a little romp beneath the sheets in his sketchy hotel. Of course, when you're a fugitive on the run, and your girlfriend is being interviewed by the FBI, such a proposition is fairly complicated. Marlow tells Kim she knows Will exists and can protect Jay; Jay later sends word to Kim via courier, and she literally hurdles a fence to sneak to Jay's hotel.
  • While they're, er, reuniting, Will is seeking violent revenge for Maya's death. He very nearly hangs Jimmy — barely letting his toes touch the hood of Will's car — before Jimmy coughs up some morsels of information.

Lots more, so

  • Conveniently, Kim's camera takes the same media card the guys found in Will's lockbox. There are no photos on the card, but there is an audio file of the moment when Joseph told Will his roommates would have to die in the bombing — and that it was all part of a bigger plan.
  • I'm honestly not sure what all was going on with Will and the tattoo parlor, but in the end, he figures out that Jimmy killed Maya. Jimmy says he was just following orders, and Will's content to let that go — until Jimmy calls Maya "Mary." At that perceived insult, Will turns around and shoots.
  • Tyler flashes back to his dad telling him he's not strong enough to lead the family forward, then slips into a bar and orders a whole bunch of whiskey. He essentially begs the bartender to recognize him — she even uses "does anyone ever tell you you look like that bomber guy?" as a pickup line — but she doesn't bite, and they drunkenly stumble down the street together in full view of everyone including the FBI surveillance equipment.
  • When Tyler wakes up with the girl, he immediately hops on her computer. Are we really supposed to believe this is the first time he has ever Googled his father? If my dad were Carlton Fog, I think I'd do that long before he implicated me in a terrorist plot and then tried to kill me. Anyway, Tyler ultimately finds the name of Jack Freed, a former FBI director whom Carlton's been known to associate with. And not only that — he's also on the list of people who sold stock right before the bombing.
  • Speaking of the FBI, we learned a few more interesting things about the agents this time around. Borjes was in the military and has a clean record, while Marlow apparently does not.
  • Tyler makes his realization that the FBI could be involved in the plot at the same time Jay and Kim decide to take Will's passports and the audio file to the FBI. Tyler frantically calls Kim, who says it's too late and Jay is talking to Marlow right now at a bar; meanwhile, Marlow — who I actually thought was on Jay's side — pulls a gun on him and attempts to handcuff him.
  • Realizing the situation is out of hand, Kim manages to plunge the bar into darkness, and Tyler arrives soon after, taking a cop hostage at gunpoint to show that he's not messing around. Marlow acts skeptical, saying "C'mon, Tyler, you're not gonna shoot anyone."
  • A voice says: "No, but I will." And it's Will with a gun! Hi Will! Reunion complete.

Soooo ... a whole lot of questions leading in to next week's finale (not even including the ones that I don't think will be answered, like what was with the hotel guy from early in the series, and why does Will seem to have the ability to travel from state to state in mere seconds?). First of all, I think one of the FBI agents has to be working with Freed (and, theoretically, with Joseph and the rest of Will's crew), but I'm not sure if it's Marlow, Chambers or Borjes. Will is going to have to explain himself to a lot of people, including Tyler and Jay. And we've got to learn something about the "larger plan" the Drexler bombing was theoretically a part of. The promo for next week promises that "questions will be answered," so tell me: What do you most want to know?

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alexlove alexlove 10 years
I just watched all 7 episodes in the last two days and am hooked. It sucks that there's only one more :( I loved how this episode ended.
maryfmorrison maryfmorrison 10 years
I just want to date Tyler. And the show is excellent too.
Kazagirl Kazagirl 10 years
I have pretty much all but given up on this show. I loved it at first but it is a bit confusing to me and I almost always forget what time it airs.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Great recap, Buzz! Like shafiii, I want to know who Will--and all of the other soldiers--really are and how he fooled Tyler and Jay for so long. I also feel certain that one of the FBI agents is involved, but who? Traveler has been one of my favorite summer shows. Hope that next week's finale really does bring everything together.
luckyliss luckyliss 10 years
i love this show
shafiii shafiii 10 years
i was kinda sorta paying attention to lkast nights episode so in the final minute when will says that i was like wait who said that?! and turned and gasped! I can't belive thier reunited but it had to happen! I really want to know who Will really is and why hes a "soldier". also, will jay and tyler ever be safe?
miss-britt miss-britt 10 years
thanks sooo much for the recap.I missed it while watching don't forget the lyrics.
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