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How Well Do You Remember How I Met Your Mother?

It's been nearly three years since How I Met Your Mother aired its final episode, and we're still in mourning. The possibility of a spinoff, How I Met Your Father, is still lingering, but nothing can top the original. If you fancy yourself an expert, take our quiz to see how much you can really remember about Ted, Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin.

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When does Ted's interaction with the goat take place?

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Besides Heidi and Spencer, what celebrity appears on one of Marshall's "Them" magazines?

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Why hasn't Robin talked to her in fathers in years?

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How does Ted land in the hospital?

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Why does Barney hire two actors to play his wife and son?

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Where does Ted meet Karen, his ex-girlfriend played by Laura Prepon?

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Which celebrity does Marshall share the "best burger in the world" with?

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Which actress plays Stella, Ted's ex-fiance?

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When the gang heads to New Jersey, who doesn't want to leave?

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What is the name of Robin's mysterious Canadian sexual act?

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