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True Blood Fan Reaction to Eric Northman

Buzz Blabber: The New Eric Is Bloody Good

The Emmy nominations weren't the only topic that created a stir this week; you guys also sounded off about the new crop of TV episodes and trailers. Check out some of the best chatter from this week's hot entertainment stories.

True Blood fans love Eric's personality makeover

  • "I am LOVING this amnesia/Eric storyline. Alexander Skarsgard is killing it. That goofy, bloody smile at the end was precious. It's nice to see what Eric must've been like way back when. It's cute how he's become so chivalrous (for a vamp) and keeps apologizing to Sook. Can't wait for Sookie to fall for him." — ChelMarie
  • "With all the things going on with Eric, his new personality is a side of him that is vulnerable and also nice to see. Plus, Eric was shirtless a lot and that is always great to see." — peatree
  • "I actually really like this side of Eric as well. When everyone was rooting for Eric and Sookie to get together I didn't see it happening but now with him being a little more soft I can see it." — care0531

Find out what else got you talking when you


The Contagion trailer infected you with excitement

  • "I ate that trailer up! I trust Kate Winslet and Marion Cotillard to choose good movies which makes me think this one is awesome." — awesomepants
  • "Scary! Amazing! Damon! — I'm so there!" — Lisa Sugar
  • "I'm weird and I really like films like this so I think this looks good and really terrifying!" — littlemunchkin

Mixed feelings abound regarding the top 10 of So You Think You Can Dance

  • "I'm mostly okay. What I really want is Nick and Iveta back. I'm sick of the sea of contemporary dancers that are left, I really only like Melanie and Marko and the rest are boring." — limelindsey
  • "I guess I'm OK. It's sad — this used to be one of my all time FAVORITE Summer shows and now I'm OK if I miss it. I don't know if it's the dancers or my busy life that are keeping me from being super excited about things this season." — ilanac13
  • "I agree with this latest cut I guess but I wish some of the earlier cuts were different." — likethedirection

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skybear44 skybear44 5 years
I am So lovin the growth & direction of the whole show, esp the Eric character, Alex Skars terriffic amnesia arc with Sookie. It is a delight, touching & I cant wait for the new episodes! It takes me out of my own problems, my tough job & makes me smile a LOT!! I agree Alex deserves more love from whole show does! My FAVE!! Lafayette rocks! Sky
LexiLoca LexiLoca 6 years
Alexander deserved some sort of nod be it emmy next year or golden globe! lets get on this ppl and campaign to make it happen
Asfandancer Asfandancer 6 years
I completely agree Alexander Skarsgard is doing such an amazing job of portraying Eric with amnesia. I have said from the first time he came on screen in season one that he was by far the best actor on the show, and that's saying a lot because most of the cast are really fine actors.
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