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True Blood "Fresh Blood" Recap 2010-08-30 05:30:44

True Blood Bites: "Fresh Blood" Episode

Season three of True Blood is almost over, to my disappointment. It may not have won the Emmy for best drama, but it still packed plenty of drama into this week's episode.

A lot of the story seemed to be laying groundwork for the upcoming finale, but it was still entertaining as usual (not to mention the cliffhanger in the last moments!). Let's break it down into my True Blood superlatives when you


  • Most conflicted girlfight: I'm generally always rooting for Pam, but I was still pretty proud of Sookie for getting the better of her with a silver chain after escaping Eric's dungeon. After her big fight with Debbie, girlfriend's now two for two. I wouldn't want to be on her bad side.
  • Best argument for not taking drugs: This may be one of the goriest shows on TV ever, but that creepy mask that Lafayette sees on Jesus in his post-V haze freaked me out more than some of the bloodier imagery. Lafayette briefly sends Jesus away, and the hallucinations continue. No one else seems to have had this kind of reaction after drinking V, so my guess is that whoever (or whatever) Jesus is has brought it on.
  • Most logical relationship trajectory: Jessica and Hoyt are back together, and they're really back together. Their reunion even survives Jessica's confession that she killed a trucker . . . and refuses to stop drinking human blood. It's not a dealbreaker for Hoyt, though, and he invites Jessica to feed on him to prove his devotion on her. It's really the key to vampire/human romantic relationships, anyway. However, I have a bad feeling about Hoyt's sweet-as-pie but heartbroken ex visiting his mother for advice.
  • Most surprising apology: When Tara confronts Andy about covering up Eggs's murder, he's scared by her hostility, but he seems to melt in her presence. Andy shows the most character development he's ever been allowed to, apologizing in a sincere and moving way.
  • Most creative parenthood alternative: The new waitress attempts to help Arlene lose her baby in a Wiccan nighttime ritual out in the woods. Arlene has a comforting, spiritual vision, but upon waking, the doctor informs her and Terry that the unborn child with Rene will be fine. He's nice and strong, the doctor says, terrifying Arlene.
  • Meanest drunk: Sam goes on a booze-soaked rampage, cruelly deriding everyone in his path (seriously, you better apologize to Terry, Sam) and firing his little brother Tommy in the process. After finding comfort in a roll in the hay with the only person drinking as much as him (Tara), we see the cast-aside Tommy breaking into Sam's safe.
  • Loveliest fairy tale: Bill and Sookie fantasize for a moment about what a "normal" life together would be like (which includes Bill and Jason fishing together! If only). Their little happily-ever-after session has a rude interruption by Russell and Eric, who have come to act upon what Eric has promised the king: a taste of Sookie's blood and the chance to daywalk.
  • Best acceptance of a new love interest's flaws: Jason is coming to grips with Crystal's otherworldly form (she's a were-panther. I think he's allowed more time than normal) and still tying to track down Sookie. Somehow he ends up on the football field, confronting the Bon Temps high's star football player and his use of V to cheat. Returning back to his place, he makes up with Crystal and resolves to stay with her, but his new-boyfriend sweetness gets him involved in Crystal's plan to stop the raid on her people (though people is a relative term).
  • Worst tanning buddies: Sookie Stackhouse goes from waitress to entree when Eric gets to finally feast on her blood, along with Russell. Bill is pained as he watches his beloved be drained, but Eric has a plan. The brilliant plan? Tricking Russell into walking out into the daylight and staying out. Once outside, Eric handcuffs Russell to him outside to burn up together.

What did you think of this week's episode? What else do you think Eric has planned to get rid of Russell (assuming he's going to be OK)? Chat with me about it now, and don't forget to join the True Blood Southern Vampire Series in the Buzz Community for more!

Photo courtesy of HBO

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jultritz jultritz 6 years
You are so right about Alan Ball. I even saw an interview with him after the first season where someone asked him about the body in the car in the season one finale and he said, "Everyone who has read the books knows it's Lafayette." So he could do just about anything. I like the unpredictability of it all....
andreakro andreakro 6 years
The end of this season is gonna be so shocking that I am going to die for the next 9 months. The plan of Eric seems pretty painful but I think Pam is gonna rescue him and Sookie is gonna spend some quality time with her fairy family... I don't know if Russell is gone for good, but I think we better watch out because Alla B. always like to change some things and we don't know for sure what's gonna happen next... just wait until is September 12th to see more surprises
jultritz jultritz 6 years
I loved Jessica and Hoyt being back together. I actually also enjoy seeing the dark side of Sam. Eric better make it through the season finale - I think that the preview for next week with Bill saying he met the true death was part of the plan that they are hatching together and he did actually survive.
nylorac nylorac 6 years
ugh i am so sick of tommy... can't we have jessica drain him?
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